A Statement from Jobar’s Medical Point regarding the Chemical Attack

This is a statement from Jobar’s Medical Point regarding events that took place at the early hours of dawn today.

The front of Ain Tarma and Jobar in Eastern Ghouta was bombarded with chemical weapons.
The catastrophe was of huge proportions. The scale of casualties and injuries was massive. We exhausted our supplies of Atropine and Hydrocortisone in Jobar.



Fatima’s Head

Ziad Majed


It is hard to imagine what had happened to Fatima*. It is hard to describe the silence that swallowed the voices of the spectators of her death. I think the artworks on Facebook which had returned her head, portraying it as an orchard of flowers, a moon or a sun, tried hard to compensate for this horrifying silence, and to relieve Fatima, relieve her beloved ones, and relieve all of us.

What can be done for a little Syrian girl who had “lost” her head?!

What can be said to a little girl who had laid down on the ground in her dress, opening her arms, her small bleeding shoulders stuck directly to the wall..? استمر في القراءة

Syria: A victim of severe torture, Ms. Fatima Saad’s life is also threatened outside the jurisdiction of the law

Source: Alkarama website

Published on: 27 July 2012

While the media continues to disseminate images of Syrian cities struggling with the horrors of civil war, Syria’s intelligence services and the militias affiliated with them press on with arbitrary arrests leading to the subsequent disappearance of the arrested civilians. The case of Ms. Fatima Khalid Saad presents a disturbing example of such practices. Ms. Saad, a 24 years old who works as a nurse, and hails from the coastal city of Latakia in Syria’s northwest, was arrested on June 28th, 2012, yet to date, the Syrian authorities have refused to admit to her arrest, and have not allowed any contact between her and her family. استمر في القراءة

They are the Syrians and they are Counting their Massacres

They are the Syrians and they are Counting their Massacres

“Jdaidet Artouz”.. All the Bodies were in Pajamas

Damascus – Rosa Yassin Hassan

 In spite of the dark smoke and the smell of fire that filled the air around us, my cousin said to me: “let us go down and find out what happened”.

Hours had passed while we were hiding in our houses, like frightened mice who did not dare to go out. It was said that they were killing everyone who gets out of the old neighborhood in “Jdaidet Artouz” (1). Many houses had been burning around us since Friday morning. I saw the columns of smoke and inhaled its smell.

We followed groups of women and children, who were with a small number of men, jogging towards the olives orchards. They were out of breath; heading to a pre-determined destination, near the orchards. Suzuki pickup trucks were parked near each other, full of bodies that were covered with colored blankets and sheets; there were tens of dormant colored blankets. استمر في القراءة

Cold Mountain

The Damascus Bureau

True news and stories from Syria

Razan Zaitouneh, 13 June 2012

Long months of work, disagreements, conciliations, ill feeling, laughing, receiving news, exchanging invitations to our favorite, popular meals, and promises of celebration in the freedom square; yet I neither know his name nor his features.

I imagine him to be in his early twenties: nice and intimate; he is quick-tempered and quick to smile as well. He is too inquisitive to the extent that each time I had to beg him “son, please stop nagging”.

استمر في القراءة