Eine Linke, die den Menschen hasst!

Eine Linke, die den Menschen hasst !
Michel Kilo
Mittwoch, den 24 April 2013 00:38

Stalin, der über Russland von 1921 bis 1954 mit eiserner Hand herrschte, und laut mancher Schätzungen über 20 Millionen Bürgerinnen und Bürger Russlands umbrachte, schrieb ein Buch, für das er einen über Zynismus kaum zu übertreffenden Titel aussuchte, nämlich: «Der Mensch, das wertvollste Kapital». استمر في القراءة

What do they know about Syria

13 January 2013Michel_Kilo

Michel Kilo

Whenever I read an article concerning Syria in a foreign newspaper, a pressing question poses itself on me: What does the author know about my country and its problems?! Has he presented a picture of its reality useful to the readers of his article or research that leads them to understand the truth as a whole or even partially?

Generally, the prevalent Western mindset paints an image of Syria in the media as being a set of rival sects and minorities competing against one another and living in a state of explosive tension kept in check only by the powerful central authority, that preserves inter-communal peace and works towards creating an integrated community, which is a great progress from the current situation; one of a community fractured, disjointed and capable of fragmenting at any given moment, should the authority become absent or weakened. استمر في القراءة

A Night Tale – a true story

Michel Kilo1

8 October 2012

Suddenly, the door of my cell in the dungeon was open. It was around 3:00am. The security man ordered me to follow him. After about fifty steps, he opened the door of another cell, and entered before me, holding my hand, and pulling me behind him. He removed the blindfold off my eyes, and whispered to me: “I will come back an hour later to return you to your room” (in Syrian prisons, the solitary cell is called “Room”). He pointed out to an empty corner and said: “Sit there, and narrate a tale to this little/child boy.”

In that narrow place (2m x 2m), there was a woman in her thirties. The security man got out and closed the door, ordering me not to talk in a loud voice lest any of his colleagues would hear me, and then a disaster may occur which could see both of us sent to Tadmur [the most notorious political prison in Syria, located in the desert in the East of Syria]. استمر في القراءة

Michel Kilo to Pope Benedict XVI: Extend your hand in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Most Holy Father,

I would like to address you in the name of God, who is known in Islam as the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Your Holiness, I am not a believer in all what religions have brought, but I do think that they have preserved the existence of human and therefore humankind when they sanctified human life and preached that human was created after the image and paragon of his Creator, who is the epitome of sanctity itself. In my opinion, the greatest message of all heavenly religions is the preservation of life. Without this message, this humanity, which we see today, would not have existed; we would not have lived to enjoy its achievements and creativity, and we would not have been creatures brimming with faults and defects; yet possessing a sacred thing, that is, their lives, which their Creator has bestowed upon them.  He overlooks their many stupidities and mistakes because He is Most Gracious, Most Merciful. استمر في القراءة

When Were the Minorities Oppressed?: Michel Kilo

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper

By: Michel Kilo

Published: 9th September 2012


In the past, minorities in Syria were not oppressed. If we studied the Kurdish example, we would find the Kurds to be founders of the national Syrian state, amongst them those who held the highest governmental positions; from the first Prime Ministry to the first Presidency to the first Army Generals. The Kurds did not endure persecution, indeed many of them were Arabized and in return many Arabs were taken in by Kurdish tribes known as Mawali. They did suffer greatly, however, in the years following 1963, as the regime set in motion a highly vindictive criminal plan known as the “Arabic Belt”, that sought to separate and surround areas which they had long occupied, changing the names of their towns and villages and installing Arabic tribes in their place, turning them into a foreign, hostile body in a land where they had long played a formative role, serving it with loyalty and devotion just like any of its other loyal children. On the other hand, the regime worked to incite the rest of Syria’s factions against them, under the pretext that they were conniving strangers waiting for the opportunity to pounce on the homeland, insisting that they must be harshly repressed as a preventative measure to limit their harm and eliminate their evil.

استمر في القراءة


By: Michel Kilo

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper

Published: 19-08-2012


There are three lies that are being repeated by western politicians and experts whenever the issue of Syria is brought up in order to justify their reluctant positions towards its crisis, or to defend themselves by finding and fabricating Syrian specific “difficulties” that are impossible to overcome or deal with given the resources, capabilities, plans and measures that are available to countries of the world. These lies claim: استمر في القراءة

Syria’s Youth

Michel Kilo

Originally published on 23rd May 2012

Nowadays, Syria’s youth are facing unparalleled circumstances of a tragic and dangerous nature. Situations that were rarely encountered by the youth of any other country, be it Arab or foreign. It is enough to be a Syrian youth today to be a suspect, and in turn be chased or wanted, targeted for arrest and torture till death, or be shot at. What is interesting though, is that the party that is opposing these youth, just because they are the youth, subjecting them to ruthless suppression, is a regime that has long been boasting the youth of it’s President, that he would turn a new page in the history of the nation of Syria and its people, and that he would renew both society and state, all with his youthful mentality.

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كيلو: على المجتمع المدني أن ينقلب على حكم الأسد

كيلو: على المجتمع المدني أن ينقلب على حكم الأسد

 مقابلة مع المعارض السوري المخضرم ميشيل كيلو.

يدعو “اللجان الأساسية” لإستلام زمام الثورة ويبدي قلقه حيال الجنود المنشقين.

حوار مع بيير بريير


تبدو المعارضة السورية منقسمة، كيف لنا أن نتغلب على هذه المشكلة؟

ميشال كيلو : هناك حركة شعبية قريبة من المثقفين، والمعارضة المنظمة كالمجلس الوطني السوري في الخارج ولجنة التنسيق الوطنية في الداخل. ولكن هذان التكوينان متأخران عن الحركة الشعبية.

ماهو رأيكم بإعلان مجلس عسكري بقيادة العميد المنشق مصطفى الشيخ؟

مع بضعة آلاف من الجنود المنشقين، والذين لا يشكلون جيشاً فعلياً يريد مهاجمة جيش استمر في القراءة