Quiq River – the River of Martyrs

A Comprehensive and Documented Report of

the Quiq River Massacre


Prepared by: Dima Attar and Nisreen Manafikhi

The report was originally published in Arabic by all4Syria

Massacre Date : Tuesday 29/01/2013
Time : 07:30AM
Location : Aleppo City, Bustan Al-Qasr Neighborhood

At the Sendiana Bridge over Quiq River, usually used by the civilians to move between Bustan al-Qasr and al-Zebdia Area.

The location is illustrated better in the picture below (the green arrow) and the following link: https://maps.google.com.qa/maps?q=36.186284,37.142426&hl=ar&ll=36.186522,37.142453&spn=0.000933,0.001725&num=1&t=h&z=19 استمر في القراءة

Field Hospitals in Syria and Tremendous Efforts to Protect the Wounded from Permanent Disability

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dr. Scheherazade al-Jundi


The recovery room in one of the houses, which hosts the wounded of the revolution, is the final stage of the patient’s movement from the “tayyar [flash] hospital” [1] to the “field hospital” to a “nearby house” to  a “house further away”, and so on …. The idea of ​​the tayyar or the makeshift hospital came at the beginning of the Syrian revolution, where the Syrian Security forces entered some of Daraa’s hospitals and finished off the wounded. Then the revolutionists decided they needed a safe place to treat patients. استمر في القراءة

The Forgotten Ones in Syrian Jails for Decades


Aljazeera.net – Exclusive

Without lawyers or fair trials, and without knowing their destiny, political prisoners languished in Syrian jails for many years. About 1500 of them were deported from Saidnaya prison to other prisons last July; and yet the regime still denies their very existence.

The Syrian authorities misled the Arab observers and prevented them from meeting the prisoners during their visits to the jails. One a former prisoner was given a card claiming that he was sentenced to life imprisonment (25 years), although his detention period exceeded that, and the observers’ committee was not allowed to meet him. استمر في القراءة

A Night Tale – a true story

Michel Kilo1

8 October 2012

Suddenly, the door of my cell in the dungeon was open. It was around 3:00am. The security man ordered me to follow him. After about fifty steps, he opened the door of another cell, and entered before me, holding my hand, and pulling me behind him. He removed the blindfold off my eyes, and whispered to me: “I will come back an hour later to return you to your room” (in Syrian prisons, the solitary cell is called “Room”). He pointed out to an empty corner and said: “Sit there, and narrate a tale to this little/child boy.”

In that narrow place (2m x 2m), there was a woman in her thirties. The security man got out and closed the door, ordering me not to talk in a loud voice lest any of his colleagues would hear me, and then a disaster may occur which could see both of us sent to Tadmur [the most notorious political prison in Syria, located in the desert in the East of Syria]. استمر في القراءة

أدلة جديدة على الانتقام المميت في سوريا

دوناتيللا ريفيرا Donatella Rovera التي تعمل في منظمة العفو الدولية كانت في سوريا وعادت منذ فترة قصيرة بعد أن قامت بإجراء تحقيق عن ما يجري في شمال غرب سوريا.

التقرير الأخير التي قدمته يتكلم بالتفصيل عن الأعمال الوحشية التي قامت بها القوات الحكومية وميليشيا الشبيحة إلى جانب الجيش.

Amnesty international’s Donatella Rovera has recently returned from Syria after conducting research in the north west of the country

Her latest report details the extent of the atrocities being committed by government forces and shabiha militias working alongside the military.


Amnesty USA


Cold Mountain

The Damascus Bureau

True news and stories from Syria

Razan Zaitouneh, 13 June 2012

Long months of work, disagreements, conciliations, ill feeling, laughing, receiving news, exchanging invitations to our favorite, popular meals, and promises of celebration in the freedom square; yet I neither know his name nor his features.

I imagine him to be in his early twenties: nice and intimate; he is quick-tempered and quick to smile as well. He is too inquisitive to the extent that each time I had to beg him “son, please stop nagging”.

استمر في القراءة

A e-Demonstration and a Call for a National Day of Mourning for the Victims of the Hawla Massacres

مظـــــــــــــــــــــــــاهــــــــــــــــــــــرة الكتـــــــــــرونيــــــــــــــــــــــــة نصــــــــــــرة لشهـــــــــــداء الحولــــــــة ::

على كل الصامتين وكل الموالين وكل من يسكت عن النظام أن يتجه إلى الحولة ويخبرنا أنه لا يوجد في سورية مجازر .. ولا يوجد جرائم ضد الشعب السوري ..!!

غداً يوم حداد على أطفالٍ ذبحوا بالسكاكين ..

غداً يوم دعاء ليحفظ الله بقية أطفالنا ..

Tomorrow is a national mourning day for those kids who were slaughtered with knives by the Syrian regime gangs

All regime supporters and all those who are till silent about its actions must head straight ahead to Hawla in Homs… to tell us that nothing wrong is actually happening there, and that there are no crimes committed against the Syrian people!!

Tomorrow we will all pray God to protect the rest of our country’s children


il faut à toutes les pros Bachar et les silencieux et toutes qu’ils disent que “il n ‘y a pas des massacres en Syrie, et il n’ ya pas des crimes contre le peuple syrien” d’aller tout de suite à la ville de Haoula

demain, un jour de deuil pour des enfants qui ont été abattu à coups de couteau

c’est un jour de prier pour que Dieu protège nos enfants…


Alle Schweigende und Pro Assad Regime sollen jetzt zu Alhawla fahren um uns zu überreden ,dass es keine Massaker in Syrien gibt und dass es keine Morde gegen das Syrischen Volk gibt !!!

Morgen ist ein Tag der Trauer für die Kinder die mit Messern geschlachtet worden.

Morgen ist ein Tag ,in dem wir Alle dafür Beten , dass Allah den Rest unserer Kinder schüzt.


butun susanlara ve butun hukumet yanililarina ve hukumet icin susuanlar hovleye gidip katliyam olmadigini ve suriye halkinin katledilmedigini bize soylesin……!

yarin hovlede bicakla katledilen cocuklar icin yas ilan ediyoruz yarin allahin geri kalan cocuklari korumasi icin dua gunu ilan ediyoruz


Testimony of Activist Hadi Abdulla on Al Jazeera, speaking about the massacres committed by the Syrian Regime against civilians on 25 May 2012.

Three massacres were committed in Hawla City, and more are being committed now 76 martyrs are confirmed in Hawla alone, and more than 300 wounded.
Hawla city has been under shelling for more than 12 hours.

Shooting started at a demonstration with bullets and artillery, and the shelling has not stopped for more than 12 hours.
Hundreds of missiles hit the civilian homes, causing hundreds of them to burn.

Assad thugs (Shabeeha) supported by the security gangs attached the houses located at the edges of Hawla city, and committed field execution against the civilians, they slaughtered them with knives… most of the killed are children.

I called up to the UN monitors and begged them to come to Hawla , they promised to come tomorrow morning.
I asked the UN monitors to stop the shelling for only half an hour.

The UN monitors are sleeping now, while the massacres are being committed.

We used to count the number of martyrs, but now, we are counting the number of families slaughtered.
The whole world helps in killing the Syrians, not just the Syrian regime.

We have many martyrs and wounded that we could not reach because of the continuous shelling and the cut-off of electricity.

We are still discovering more massacres in the city.
The Syrian regime is now killing under the nose of the whole world and in the name of the UN monitors.


Other videos documenting the massacres


Eye Witness Accounts and Stories from within the Syrian Regime’s Prisons

Omar al Asaad

Dr Mohammad flips his new ID card, looks at this neighbour in the bed next to his bed and breaks out into a fit of laughter. The ID card which the detained doctor now holds in Adra prison includes a sentence that points out his crime: “weakening the national feelings!” He shares the same crime with Feras who is lying on the top bunk bed. The doctor ascertains that “this lad [Feras] is a simple naive guy, he isn’t crazy or mentally disabled but he does not fully comprehend what is happening around him. He even demonstrates speech problems and his facial features from a medical standpoint look abnormal.


استمر في القراءة