Faces from the Syrian Revolution: Mowgli

A Tribute to Mowgli

Mowgli’s profile picture on Facebook. It is the only photo most of his revolutionary friends knew him by.

النص بالعربية

His friends only knew him as Mowgli, as he used to call himself on facebook. He was one of the first video-graphers/producers who documented the beginning of the Syrian uprising, he also was co-founder and active member of “Syria’s Eye Witness” Facebook group that still reports events on the ground till this very day. He was heavily involved in non-violent activism. استمر في القراءة

كيف يحافظ الأسد على سلطته

21 أيلول 2012

Von Nils Metzger

الجيش، نخبة رجال أعمال مخلصين وولاء العلويين هو ما يدعم في سوريا الرئيس وحزب البعث خاصته. هذا ما تظهر قيمته الآن في الحرب الأهليّة.

”علينا ألا نتوقع المعجزات. لا وجود للمعجزات”، يلخّص المبعوث الخاص للأمم المتحدة الأخضر الابراهيمي عدم جدوى مهمته في سوريا. يموت أكثر من مئة إنسان يومياً في سوريا. وعلى الرغم من أن الرئيس بشار الأسد يبدو خاسراً شهراً بعد شهر، فإنه لا يزال يتمسّك بسلطته بقوّة..

استمر في القراءة

Solidarity Campaign with the Volunteers of SARC حملة تضامن مع متطوعي منظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري


فريق المترجمين السوريين الأحرار يضم صوته لأصوات المشاركين في حملة التضامن مع متطوعي منظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري عرفانا بجميلهم وتقديرا لوفائهم للمبادئ الانسانية!

حملة التضامن مع متطوعي منظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري هي حراك مجتمع مدني من شباب سوريين مستقليين بهدف الوقوف إلى جانب متطوعي الهلال الأحمر القابعين في السجون التابعة للأجهزة الأمنية في سوريا بشكل تعسفي و قسري.

الهدف من هذه الحملة إلقاء الضوء على معاناة هؤلاء المعتقلين ونشر الوعي لأهمية  دورهم التطوعي في خدمة مجتمعنا المدني بشكل مستقل وحيادي والدعوة إلى إطلاق سراحهم بشكل فوري دون قيد او شرط. فخلال البضعة اشهر المنصرمة ألقت أجهزة الأمن الحكومية لقبض على أحد عشر متطوعاً وعاملاً ضمن كوادر منظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري في مجال الإغاثة الإنسانية. هذا ولم يتم توجيه تهم رسمية لأي منهم، كما أن أماكن تواجدهم في فترة الاحتجاز بقيت طي الكتمان.

لنتكاتف معاً يداً بيد لإطلاق سراحهم … عرفاناً بالجميل .. وتقديراً لوفائهم

The Free Syrian Translators Team join the campaign in solidarity with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in recognition for their great efforts and for the noble principles that define their work.

Solidarity Campaign with the Volunteers of SARC is a civil society motion of independent young Syrians, in order to stand by the Red Crescent volunteers who are languishing in jails of the security apparatus in Syria, arbitrary and enforcedly.

The aim of this campaign is to shed light on the suffering of these detainees and to raise awareness of their role, and the importance of their volunteering in the service of our civil society independently and impartially. And to advocate immediate release unconditionally.

During the past few months, government security forces arrested eleven volunteers and workers within the organization staff of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in the field of humanitarian relief. Although there is no formal charges to any of them, and the whereabouts of the period of detention is kept secret.

Let’s join hands together to release them … in recognition of gratitude ..in recognition of their loyalty.

Mouaz al-Khatib Speech in Doha

Mr. Mouaz al-Khatib was elected leader of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, a new alliance of Syrian opposition fractions that was formed at a meeting in Doha, Qatar on 11 November 2012. The following is the English translation of the speech Mr. al-Khatib gave after his election:

استمر في القراءة

Mr. Mouaz al-Khatib, elected head of the National Coalition of Forces of the Syrian Revolution and Opposition

Mr. Mouaz al-Khatib, was elected on the 11.11.2012 to head a new coalition to oppose President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Mr. al-Khatib, a leading cleric and an opposition figure in Syria, originally studied applied Geophysics and worked as an engineer for six years.

Besides being a member of the Syrian Geological Society and the Syrian Society for Psychological Science, He was previously President and remains Honorary President of the Islamic Society of Urbanization. He was also a former imam of the Umayyad mosque in Damascus.

Mr. al-Khatib was arrested and released several times for criticising Assad’s rule and conduct during the revolution in Syria before he left for Cairo, Egypt recently.

Parallel to the announcement of the new coalition and to the election of Mr. al-Khatib’s, the Free Syrian Translators is re-broadcasting this video “Freedom for the Sheikh, the Preacher, Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib Al-Hasani” which we translated earlier this year to demand his release following his arrest by the Syrian regime the 27.04.2012



Books on Syria and the Syrian Revolution: Inheriting Syria- Bashar’s Trial by Fire

Inheriting Syria: Bashar’s Trial by Fire

Author: Flynt Leverett

Publisher: Brookings Institute

Publication Date: 2005


Syria has long been a paradox for U.S. Policymakers. The country’s weak economy, diverse population, and vulnerable geographic position would be expected to minimize its clout in the Greater Middle East. But under long-time dictator Hafiz al-Asad and his son and successor Bashar, Syria has been and continues to be a major regional actor. استمر في القراءة