They are the Syrians and they are Counting their Massacres

They are the Syrians and they are Counting their Massacres

“Jdaidet Artouz”.. All the Bodies were in Pajamas

Damascus – Rosa Yassin Hassan

 In spite of the dark smoke and the smell of fire that filled the air around us, my cousin said to me: “let us go down and find out what happened”.

Hours had passed while we were hiding in our houses, like frightened mice who did not dare to go out. It was said that they were killing everyone who gets out of the old neighborhood in “Jdaidet Artouz” (1). Many houses had been burning around us since Friday morning. I saw the columns of smoke and inhaled its smell.

We followed groups of women and children, who were with a small number of men, jogging towards the olives orchards. They were out of breath; heading to a pre-determined destination, near the orchards. Suzuki pickup trucks were parked near each other, full of bodies that were covered with colored blankets and sheets; there were tens of dormant colored blankets. استمر في القراءة