Field Hospitals in Syria and Tremendous Efforts to Protect the Wounded from Permanent Disability

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dr. Scheherazade al-Jundi


The recovery room in one of the houses, which hosts the wounded of the revolution, is the final stage of the patient’s movement from the “tayyar [flash] hospital” [1] to the “field hospital” to a “nearby house” to  a “house further away”, and so on …. The idea of ​​the tayyar or the makeshift hospital came at the beginning of the Syrian revolution, where the Syrian Security forces entered some of Daraa’s hospitals and finished off the wounded. Then the revolutionists decided they needed a safe place to treat patients. استمر في القراءة

أدلة جديدة على الانتقام المميت في سوريا

دوناتيللا ريفيرا Donatella Rovera التي تعمل في منظمة العفو الدولية كانت في سوريا وعادت منذ فترة قصيرة بعد أن قامت بإجراء تحقيق عن ما يجري في شمال غرب سوريا.

التقرير الأخير التي قدمته يتكلم بالتفصيل عن الأعمال الوحشية التي قامت بها القوات الحكومية وميليشيا الشبيحة إلى جانب الجيش.

Amnesty international’s Donatella Rovera has recently returned from Syria after conducting research in the north west of the country

Her latest report details the extent of the atrocities being committed by government forces and shabiha militias working alongside the military.


Amnesty USA