Syriatel.. an Establishment? Or an Intelligence Branch

SYRIATEL .. an Establishment? Or an Intelligence Branch?

Omar Al Assil

5 April 2012

I wrote, about a year ago (27 April 2011), in a blog: (SYRIATEL .. with or against us?) about Syriatel Mobile Operator and their exclusion policies, by tracking its employees’ news and writings on the Facebook, terminating those who seem to be even only empathizing with the demonstrators. I wrote about special cases where I was an eye-witness.

The events have not stopped since I published that article. Investigations were directed to find out the writer, and punish him. They did manage to get to the company I worked with, and, using their relation with its management, passed their complain, suggesting the termination of my contract with it. For their misfortune, the company was a foreign company, and it ignored their request. استمر في القراءة