Filmmaker and Martyr Bassel Shahade

Bassel Shahade was martyred on the 28th of May 2012. He was honoured twice, by having lived a full life and then by dying a martyr.

Bassel Shahade, from Al-Qasa’a neighborhood in Damascus, a Fulbright scholar studying filmmaking at the University of Syracuse in the United States of America. Basel left his university at the beginning of the Syrian revolution and returned home to report on what is happening on the ground and convey it to the world. He moved to Homs three months ago, and became one of the most important and courageous photographers/filmmakers in Homs. He taught video-editing to the photographers in Homs and trained more than fifteen people during his stay there. One of his most prominent students is the heroic young reporter and director, Ahmed Al-Assam, known as Ahmed Abu Ibrahim.

Ahmed had a delicate artistic sense and has filmed and directed many films and reports about the revolution, the most famous of which is his final report talking about the forced displacements taking place in Homs.

Both heroes have lost their lives during their coverage of events in the Bab Sbaa neighborhood in Homs, by the fire of the Assad army, the traitor of humanity.

Tribute Facebook page for Bassel Shahade:

Tribute Facebook page for Ahmed Al-Assam

I Dream of My Homeland: A song written by Bassel

Saturday Morning Gift: A Short Film by Bassel with English subtitles

Singing to Freedom, a Film about the Syrian uprising featuring: Noam Chomsky , Norman Finkelstein, Amy Goodman, Erica Chenoweth and Syrian Protesters. Produced by Bassel.

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