Civility of State is a Necessity not an Option

Zaiton Magazine

Issue 1

Hussain Amara


After thousands of years of switching from one socio-economical formation to another and from one governing body to the next, alongside thousands of lives lost in sectarian, ethnical, tribal, and class conflicts, humanity has finally reached, following all the sufferings and after the first industrial boom, to a semblance of social cohesion that shifts violent conflicts into peaceful political ones based on the fact that, in the first place they all are human beings capable of coexisting together within a specific geographical spot (i.e. the State) and putting all this state’s components right in front of their historical responsibilities of working hand in hand to achieve their mutual needs, regardless of their different social or political constituents. استمر في القراءة

Delights of the Syria Revolution: Magazines, Films, Writings and Images Scented with Freedom

Rayan Majed

17 August 2012

Syrian Bear – Yumal [Bored] – Song about Syria translated into English

Syrians have managed to become proficient in many fields, all while facing systematic murder for nearly 17 months.  Syrian talent blossomed with the outbreak of the revolution, says Syrian activist Maher Isber who arrived in Beirut last September [2011], bringing to light their creative energies, cultural richness, courage and satirical spirit. استمر في القراءة

A message from Creative Commons summit in Cairo to Bassel رسالة إلى باسل من مؤتمر المشاع الإبداعي في القاهرة

رسالة من أصدقاء باسل في مؤتمر القاهرة الأخير عن المشاع الإبداعي.

A message from friends of Bassel in the Creative Commons Arab world summit in Cairo.

Diary of a Damascene Revolutionary مفكرة ثائر دمشقي

A few decades ago the Syrian poet Nizar Kabbani wrote his famous poem “Diaries of a Damascene Lover” declaring his love for his hometown Damascus. It is one of the most beautiful modern day poems written of a city. Many Damascenes share Nizar’s love for their city. It is the oldest capital in the world and the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. Damascenes only call her by its pet name “Al-Sham” and many consider it as their first love. In this documentary by Orient TV, a new diary is being written by the Damascene youth of today. They have declared their love to their city, and revolted to clear up the destruction and pollution that has befallen on their beloved city. Many reasons have led them to rise up against a tyrannt regime; basic humane reasons, the lack of urban planning and the deliberate uglification of their city, the monopoly of the regime over the economy and its squeeze on the city’s traders. But most importantly, those youth are revolting for the sake of their eternal love.. their beautiful city.. Damascus AlSham..

كيلو: على المجتمع المدني أن ينقلب على حكم الأسد

كيلو: على المجتمع المدني أن ينقلب على حكم الأسد

 مقابلة مع المعارض السوري المخضرم ميشيل كيلو.

يدعو “اللجان الأساسية” لإستلام زمام الثورة ويبدي قلقه حيال الجنود المنشقين.

حوار مع بيير بريير


تبدو المعارضة السورية منقسمة، كيف لنا أن نتغلب على هذه المشكلة؟

ميشال كيلو : هناك حركة شعبية قريبة من المثقفين، والمعارضة المنظمة كالمجلس الوطني السوري في الخارج ولجنة التنسيق الوطنية في الداخل. ولكن هذان التكوينان متأخران عن الحركة الشعبية.

ماهو رأيكم بإعلان مجلس عسكري بقيادة العميد المنشق مصطفى الشيخ؟

مع بضعة آلاف من الجنود المنشقين، والذين لا يشكلون جيشاً فعلياً يريد مهاجمة جيش استمر في القراءة