Delights of the Syria Revolution: Magazines, Films, Writings and Images Scented with Freedom

Rayan Majed

17 August 2012

Syrian Bear – Yumal [Bored] – Song about Syria translated into English

Syrians have managed to become proficient in many fields, all while facing systematic murder for nearly 17 months.  Syrian talent blossomed with the outbreak of the revolution, says Syrian activist Maher Isber who arrived in Beirut last September [2011], bringing to light their creative energies, cultural richness, courage and satirical spirit. استمر في القراءة

Photo of the Day صورة اليوم

Al-Assad’s war against Syria has not only taken its toll on people’s lives, but also on its national and religious heritage. This photo, which was taken in Homs on the 6th of June, shows a wrecked placard of the directory of Antiquities that refers to an old house, a shrine of an Ayubid King, and a historical church.


عدسة شاب حمصي | Lens Young Homsi