A Human Being’s Revolution for Life: Day 4

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Day 4: 18 March 2013

The Spring Revolution..A Revolution for Dignity


Green will be the symbolic colour for this day in reference to the colour of spring; the colour of rebirth and generosity

On this day we salute each and every defiant patriot in our homeland. We send a salute to the free martyrs and pray for the wounded, the detainees, the missing, the homeless and the exiled.

No matter how hard we try we can’t express our gratitude to the Syrian people, those people who, from the womb of subjugation and injustice, have revolted demanding dignity, freedom and justice. That great people that has faced the most horrendous of killing machines, yet it insisted on affirming life and striving towards its goals. A people that shall not be humiliated; a creative people; a generous people that has a dream to topple the regime and build its state. This dream for which Syrians has screamed in the plains of Horan in the southwest, and then echoed “Azadi” in Qamishli in the far northeast. A people that despite its martyrs, wounded, detainees, missing sons and daughters, displaced and refugees, and despite all the destruction that surrounds it, decided to cling to life even though it doesn’t posses its most fundamentals. It decided to carry on.

A people that used all peaceful methods and excelled in nonviolent resistance. A people that stood against death using the simplest means of resistance.

This day comes to prove to the world that the Syrian people is free, continuing to stand its grounds. Its revolution shall not stop with the downfall of the regime, for the journey is long and dreams have no limits. We shall carry on for our revolution is a Human Being’s Revolution for Life.

Click here to read an introduction and background for the Campaign

Official Facebook page of the “Human’s Revolution in the Sake of Life” campaign: https://www.facebook.com/SyrRev2

For more details about the campaign: http://issuu.com/syrianrev2/docs/enhumanforlife

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