A Human Being’s Revolution for Life: Day 3

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Day 3: 17 March 2013

Our Nation won’t be built upon political-pickering


Yellow will be the identifying colour of this day in reference to the political opposition and the Free Army.

Since Assad assumed power in Syria, the civil society was denied political, institutional and even civil participation as well as the ability to partake and organise itself in institutions. The Syrian people were forcibly denied from participating in decision making and expressing opinion.

In 2011 the Revolution of Dignity erupted. Her first heroes were children who wrote on walls. A revolutionary movement was started and led by youth who demanded freedom and social justice. Events moved quickly and as their demands increased the traditional opposition tried to catch up with the revolution. However they too were met with suppression and oppression or sometimes with persuasion and ideologization from the regime. The traditional opposition failed to come up with a clear political agenda that lives up to its responsibility in leading the revolution and achieving a political solution. This political flounder by the opposition, in addition to the sheer violence of the regime and its implication of the army and armed forces in killing the people, has led many soldiers to defect from the ranks of the regime’s army and form militias in the rebeling areas in an attempt to protect the civilians and peaceful demonstrations. These militias formed the core of the “Free Syrian Army” which took upon itself managing everyday life in the liberated areas alongside the revolutionary local councils. The chaos resulting from the lack of any political solution on which all parties can agree on, the spread of arms and armament, and the militarisation of the revolution gave the regime a green light from the international community to carry on relentlessly with its killing and destruction, while the world stand silently when it uses Scud missiles!

As this days passes, two years after the outbreak of the revolution with its heavy toll of destruction and wounds, the opposition parties should remember the fundamental goal and demands of the revolution. We ask them to work hand in hand with all revolutionary groups and youth movements to arrive at a political solution to end the crises; stand against the regime, its supporters, and its counterparts of radical groups alien to the revolution; to reclaim the country from Assad’s rule and return it to its rightful owners who have taken it to the streets in a Human Being’s Revolution for Life.

Click here to read an introduction and background for the Campaign

Official Facebook page of the “Human’s Revolution in the Sake of Life” campaign: https://www.facebook.com/SyrRev2

For more details about the campaign: http://issuu.com/syrianrev2/docs/enhumanforlife

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