A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

a human beings revolution for life

Official Human’s Revolution in the Sake of Life” campaign: https://www.facebook.com/SyrRev2

The glorious Syrian revolution didn’t erupt all of a sudden by a magic touch. The outbreak of the Syrian revolution was the product of several preceding events that have been accumulating throughout decades of political repression by the regime of Assad the father.

The Constitution Uprising in the seventies then the events of the eighties were an expression of the people’s refusal of power monopolization by al-Assad.

The Damascus Spring and the political demands associated with it didn’t last long in the face of the regime’s oppression. It ended in 2001.

The Kurds’ uprising in 2004 with its great momentum expressed objection to injustice and demanded the minimum civil rights. It was also met with the harshest forms of oppression.

The arrest campaigns against bloggers between 2005-2006, created a sense of outrage in circles that were hoping for a margin of political and cultural freedom under the regime.

The al-Hareeka protest in Damascus on the 17th of February 2011 with its symbolic attribution challenged the regime in its center of power. The Syrians chanted “the Syrian people shall not be humiliated”.

On the 15th of March 2011 there was a call for a protest in the Hamidiyeh area in old Damascus. The bravest young men and women from all sects and regions marched chanting their implicit call for the regime to step down: “God, Syria and freedom only”. A lot of revolutionaries got arrested that day.

The sit-in of the mothers of the prisoners of conscious the next day near the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The silent sit-in in front of the Libyan Embassy and the arrest of the participating activists. These activists were supporting the right of other people to achieve freedom and justice.

On the eighteenth of March, the day the first dignity martyr was killed in Daraa. After that thousands of Daraa residents took out to the streets in a big revolution of dignity, protesting the crimes of the regime against humanity. The regime on its part stopped at nothing to respond using the cruelest of methods, even barbarically torturing the kids of Daraa.

That day became very symbolic: It was the day that drew the attention of the world to the Syrian people and their struggle. It will be forever embedded in the history of revolutions. The explosion that so many had doubted that it could ever happen finally took place.

The Syrian revolution never ceased to be almost completely peaceful for the first six months. It didn’t use arms or counter violence. It depended on all civil resistance methods and nonviolent  protests. The violent machine of the regime was countered with demonstrations and a wide spectrum of nonviolent activism. The Syrian people were creative and came up with novel approaches, which they implemented down to their tiniest details, to convey their message to other Syrians, to the regime and to the rest of the world; all in the hope that someone will understand their circumstances and demands. However, the persistence of excessive violence, which everybody knows about, led to unavoidable consequences. Hence arms appeared on the scene and the Free Army was established to defend civilians.

There was an escalation in violence, and mistakes from the opposition itself started to appear. However all these developments occurred while states of the world and public opinion remained silent towards what was happening in Syria, as well as the failure of the UN to fulfill its obligation towards the Syrian people. The regime began to promote the ideas of terrorism, extremist groups, civil war and sectarian infighting, ignoring the revolution totally.

Today, after the elapse of two years, the Syrians have not given up hope despite the destruction that has fallen upon the country and the tragedy that has fallen upon its people. Those who are left are raising their voices with what is left of their energy to declare that our revolution is a revolution of people demanding life; an outcry in the face of silent humanity, the systemic death, and the counters of death tolls.

During the days drenched in the smell of death, from underneath the shelling and destruction, from the womb of suffering and the dungeons of darkness in detention centers, the Syrian people persisted in their revolution and continued their march towards dignity, towards freedom, towards justice and salvation, and towards life.

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life is a Syrian campaign for four days from the fifteenth to the eighteenth of March. It aims to document the events of the revolution over the last two years; to remember the martyrs and revive the sacrifices of the Syrian people; and remind the world about the humane values for which the revolution broke out: dignity, freedom, democracy, and social justice.

Official Human’s Revolution in the Sake of Life” campaign: https://www.facebook.com/SyrRev2

For more details about the campaign: http://issuu.com/syrianrev2/docs/enhumanforlife

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