On the displacement of Mosul’s Christians

Ziad Majed

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 There are several levels of approaching ISIS’s crime of displacing the Christian Iraqi citizens from their land in Mosul (and the Nineveh plains) last week.

The first of levels is the crime per se. It’s a level of uprooting and expelling a group of human beings from their country in addition to what was narrated of marking their houses with letter “ن” [the first letter of the Arabic word for “Christians”], in an act of religious discrimination towards and against them. This of course encompasses assault and a terrible collective persecution against individuals just because they belong to a particular religious group. استمر في القراءة

The Runaway Minister

Journalist Rami Jarrah pursues Syrian Information Minister, Dr. al-Zoubi, while he is leaving the conference premises in Montreux, Switzerland, posing questions that the minister ditched by speeding up his pace. A feat that earned him the title “The Runaway Minister”.

Montreux, Switzerland

يلاحق الناشط الاعلامي رامي جراح وزير الاعلام السوري، د. عمران الزعبي، قبل مغادرته قاعة الاجتماعات في مونترو طارحا عليه أسئلة يتلافاها الوزير بتجاهلها والاسراع في المغادرة. مستحقا بذلك لقب “الوزير هرّيبو”.

مونترو, سويسرا

22 كانون الثاني / يناير 2014

An Activist from Raqqa Holds Lone Protests at the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” Headquarters

Zaina Erhaim

11 August 2013

Suad holding one of her signs against ISIS

Suad holding one of her signs against ISIS

Suad2Suad stood alone for hours in front of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) headquarters in the city of Raqqa holding a sign on which was written in bright colors “No to kidnapping, no to detention, no to theft in the name of religion.” استمر في القراءة