He Who Justifies the Murder of a People is Killing the Human within Himself

Arab Intellect Azmi Bishara

1 May 2012

When a regime sends in tanks to shell its own people in their cities and residential neighbourhoods, the natural ‘instinct’ reaction expected from any ethical person is to stand with the people against the regime. In such a person’s opinion, the regime, whether it was democratic or not, becomes illegitimate if it finds it necessary to kill, repress, and torture people en mass in order to stay in power because the people no longer accept it or can no longer tolerate living under its rule.

There is a moral defect in a person that finds himself justifying killing as a mean to respond to a conspiracy or for the sake of a noble goal the regime is claiming to be working for forgetting the pain of an entire nation in the process. Such a person will lose his humanity and defame himself while he is ranting about conspiracies.

It is impossible for someone to claim to be with the “resistance” and yet ignore the right of an entire people to resist the injustice fallen upon them. There must be another reason for him standing by the “resistance”. He might be honest in his position but he is defending the resistance as a metaphysical object that is disconnected from people, the identity of the resistance and the actual injustice. The later position is by no means any better than the first.

It is unreasonable for someone to stand with Palestine against its occupation and against the suffering that the occupation imposes on the Palestinian people and yet use the issue of Palestine to repress other people. Even if we assume the honestly of these people, they are not supporting the true Palestine and its people whether they are living in Palestine or in the Diaspora. In effect they are supporting a metaphysical entity they have created in their own mindsets.  The real suffering of the Palestinians in Palestine and in the Diaspora should be a responsibility and a message that prevents support of repressors and feels for the suffering of the people such as in Tel Zaatar, the horrible war in the camps, and Sabra and Shatila massacre which one of its perpetrators is now standing by the Syrian regime as an ally and is lecturing people about patriotism and conspiracies against the free patriots.

The mentality that justifies the suffering imposed on people and their humiliation and killing for the sake of a cause that is seen as being more noble than the people themselves is captive by the same Bolshevik fascist mentality that justified for Stalin the killing of millions for a sublime cause while he was trampling on all noble and sublime causes in his way, only to later find out that they were all the way defending a corrupt, unjust, murderous, and despotic regime. The tragedy is that the performance of this regime is below average and it is not successful in anything except for killing and mastery of humiliation.

There are people whose struggle against Israel had crossed paths with Syria and with the resistance and who had forged alliances with them against Israel. They knew the nature of the regime, but back then Israel was the issue and the Syrian people had not yet revolted so they assumed they did not need to struggle on behalf of the Syrians. However these people have no right to accuse the victims of the regime with conspiracy and justify the regime’s suppression of its people. This is not valid, not even during the period of forged alliances against Israel.

This is a small and marginalised minority that have stood against Syria and the resistance when they were resisting Israel, but today, it stands with the regime when it slaughters its own people. Do these people really exist? Yes they do exist and are unimportant. They are also instigating against those who support the Syrian people. Their motives must be lowly personal or secular or other gains. They even stood against the resistance at one stage, and did not support Syria until it considered peace with Israel a strategic option, and now they support the regime as it kills its own people.

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