Interview with Bassel Shahade about Freedom Days’ Activity: Currency of Freedom

The voices of the non-violent and civil activism in Syria are not heard among the sounds of guns and whizzing of bullets, but a group of young activists still believe in the possibility of toppling the regime through non-violence resistance.

Activists printed pamphlets calling for civil disobedience against the Syrian regime on money-like papers, and threw them in the streets of several cities, including Damascus and Aleppo.

Freedom Days is an alliance of non-violent and civil activism groups in Syria.


Filmmaker and Martyr Bassel Shahade

Bassel Shahade was martyred on the 28th of May 2012. He was honoured twice, by having lived a full life and then by dying a martyr.

Bassel Shahade, from Al-Qasa’a neighborhood in Damascus, a Fulbright scholar studying استمر في القراءة