A Martyr between Two Fires…Captain Amjad al-Hameed

A Martyr between Two Fires…Captain Amjad al-Hameed

By: Ibrahim al-Assil

In March 18th 2012, Captain Amjad al-Hameed was martyred in an ambush set by an unknown group. In April 5th 2012 the spokesperson of his own Brigade “God’s Men” declared that they accuse Lou’ay al-Zo’by (Secretary General of the “Believers Participate” Salafi group) of carrying out this murder. Of course, this remains an ‘accusation’ that requires evidence. Our concern is not whether Lou’ay al-Zo’by and his group were really behind the killing of Captian Amjad al-Hameed or not. We are concerned here about the harbingers of internal armed confrontations amongst the opposition to the Syrian regime.

According to the Brigade’s spokesperson, the Captain gave a speech in al-Rastan only one day before his martyrdom. It was a very important speech to all parties. In his speech he exposes the practices of kidnapping and mugging executed by some armed elements as well as their assaults on certain areas. He boldly describes them as ‘bandits’ and as a burden on the revolution. Moreover, from his words he seems to refuse the guardianship of al-Ar’oor over the fight or ‘Jihad’ in Syria. He continues to say that real manhood is not in kidnapping women but by facing al-Assad’s forces.

As obvious from his speech, this Captain was eloquent, held high ethical ideals, and showed a determination to face al-Assad’s forces in high spirits outside ‘residential areas’ so that he does not shoulder them with unnecessary burdens. He also refused the attacks against certain regions such as Salamiyyah; a city of great religious diversity where the majority of Ismailis in Syria live. All of the above asserts that the martyred Captain is clearly the soldier who represents the nightmare of the military regime and the revolution’s dream of a defecting soldier who believes that Syria comes first. The presence of such a soldier and such an example does not seem to be in the favour of several parties in the field.

It is neither in the regime’s interest to see a rational soldier with integrity, nor in the interest of the Gunmen which are taking advantage of the events in Homs, Idleb, Hama and others to become rich through acts of kidnapping and mugging. Furthermore, it does not serve the interests of those wanting to accelerate sectarian conflict, nor in the interest of foreign parties looking for those ready to fight within directly or indirectly defined agendas. It does not serve the preachers of extremism and pastors of dark projects. Such an example should be eliminated immediately; not only for the person he is, but more so to teach a lesson to anyone who would deliver such a speech or hold such ideals and principles.

I do not like to sanctify a living person, for those who are right today might be wrong tomorrow. But when someone dies for his country, it behoves us to speak of his example. Searching for the Captain’s murderer is not our job as he has his brothers in arms and it is the mission of the National Council and the defecting leadership to organise this operation and the structuring of the Free Syrian Army as well as repudiate connections with criminals before losing the loyal likes of this Captain one after the other. As for us, as individuals, our mission is to spotlight the story of Captain Amjad al-Hameed to present a prominent example. Our blogs, facebook and twitter might not reach those hotspots, but such a campaign can raise awareness about what awaits Syria in the near and distant future due to the different armed groups as well as the model we look for and seek to partake in building. I hope that civil resistant movements turn the story of Captain Amjad al-Hameed into a symbol as it guarantees the delivery of many of the ideas we are trying to spread. And I hope that we can assign a day to be named after this knight, such as ‘The Martyr of the Revolution Ethics’ or ‘A Martyr between Two Fires’ or any name to demonstrate the tragedy for which this Captain paid his life.

We are not interested in spreading photographs showing soldiers praying or performing ablution; we are not interested if a soldier commenced his speech with a certain verse. We are interested in his ethics in the field; that his fight, if he had to, is his prayer; that he would carry arms only for a righteous cause and in defence of it; that his enemy is not only the regime, his enemy is the regime’s ‘ethics’, its dictatorship and corruption. We are interested in a soldier who is committed to the political vision of the revolution and seeks a Free Syria.

May God bless the souls of all martyrs.


شهيدٌ بين النّارين… النّقيب أمجد الحميد

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