A Martyr between Two Fires…Captain Amjad al-Hameed

A Martyr between Two Fires…Captain Amjad al-Hameed

By: Ibrahim al-Assil

In March 18th 2012, Captain Amjad al-Hameed was martyred in an ambush set by an unknown group. In April 5th 2012 the spokesperson of his own Brigade “God’s Men” declared that they accuse Lou’ay al-Zo’by (Secretary General of the “Believers Participate” Salafi group) of carrying out this murder. Of course, this remains an ‘accusation’ that requires evidence. Our concern is not whether Lou’ay al-Zo’by and his group were really behind the killing of Captian Amjad al-Hameed or not. We are concerned here about the harbingers of internal armed confrontations amongst the opposition to the Syrian regime. استمر في القراءة