Five Steps to Tyranny خمس خطوات نحو صناعة الطغيان

خمس خطوات نحو صناعة الطغيان

وثائقي من انتاج البي بي سي لعام 2001 يغطي عدد كبير من تجارب علم النفس الاجتماعي التي تكشف قدرة الإنسان على ارتكاب الفظائع

الوثائقي الذي يستضيف جاين إيليوت, أنطوني غابريل وفيليب زيمبراندو من إخراج إليزابيث ماك إنتاير.

Five Steps To Tyranny

A powerful British documentary covering a wide range of social psychological experiments that reveal how normal human beings can be capable of horrific themes.

Directed by Elizabeth McIntyre. With Jane Elliott, Antony Gabriel, Philip Zimbardo

The Conditionality of some Intellectuals

Although the author directs this article toward “elitist” and “recalcitrant” Arab intellectuals the Free Syrian Translators Team feel that the same criticism can be directed towards many international “experts” and “analysts” on the Arab region, for their lack of support of the Syrian Revolution and or “neutral” opinions.

Ziad Majed

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Arab intellectuals have grown accustomed to contempt and disdain of their own societies as well as focusing their criticism on these societies under the pretext of their backwardness, them succumbing to tyranny, and their susceptibility to oppression. Yet as soon as these societies have risen in revolutions and uprisings (some of which are legendary by means of grit and courage) to overthrow tyranny and confront its consequences, those intellectuals have gone silent or started to dictate the conditions upon which they would decide whether to support these societies while they face the guns and knives, or remain “neutral”.

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