A Human Being’s Revolution for Life: Day 2

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Day 2: 16 March 2013

“Haven’t you had enough of our blood yet  ….But where to now??!! “


Red color will be the identity of this day in reference to the blood that was and still being shed by the  regime all over the map of the country for the throughout the past two years.

Since the regime took over power, complete sections of Syrian soils were given up. It relinquished the rights of our people in Golan heights with its Syrian identity. It  remained silent towards the Israeli occupation; even towards its hostilities holding on to “the right to retaliate.” Furthermore, it infringed on people’s liberty, monopolizing politics and state institution and accusing whoever opposes it politically of deviating from the principles of the so-called “The Revolution of The Eighth of March”.

With the revolution’s outbreak, sectarianism was its most awful weapon. The regime has been working hard throughout the past two years utilizing its repugnant media and horrendous practices to divide and segment the country into conflicting cantons that are defined on pre-civil bases like Sunni, Alawite, Shi’i, Ismaili, Christian, and fundamentalist, etc. It, moreover, associated  the security of Syrian minorities with its persistence, and went on to threaten the whole region with a war that shall redraw the political and even the demographic map in case of its fall.

Since the beginning of the uprising, the regime has relied on a policy of arbitrary arrests and forced disappearance for all those who tried to get involved in the Revolution of Dignity. It crushed on the peaceful civil movement  brutally, meeting it with systematic killing. And as the voices asking for freedom become louder and louder, it started bombarding and devastating the country, demolishing its institutions and destroying its infrastructure. The Syrian people as a result were forced to desert and seek asylum in order to save their lives. The regime has also drained all of the country resources and put them in the service of its repressing machine, implementing thereby its motto: “[either] al-Assad or [otherwise] we burn the country!”

This day comes to document practices of the regime over the past two years, exposing it out in front of those who are still supporting it by asking them a question: “Where is this country heading to now? When will you have the courage to accept our right rise up in revolt: The Human Being’s Revolution for Life?”

Click here to read an introduction and background for the Campaign

Official Facebook page of the “Human’s Revolution in the Sake of Life” campaign: https://www.facebook.com/SyrRev2

For more details about the campaign: http://issuu.com/syrianrev2/docs/enhumanforlife

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