Stories of the War-wounded and War-disabled in Jordan

Dr Shahrazad al-Jundi

3 December 2012



I met him, a young man in his twenties lying on bed or leaning over with his head on a pillow. His smile attracted me. I asked him how he got injured. “A gunshot in the neck” he replied before adding in a low voice with a smile shining on his face: “I’m from the Free Syrian Army and I was wounded during the battle in Homs. I was shot in the neck and I’m totally paralyzed now. I can’t sit up or move or even raise my head. He was still smiling as he thanked God. I asked him how he managed to reach Amman, he answered: “After we arrived in Daraa, four people carried me for eight hours until we got here”. I asked him if he needs anything or if I can do anything to help him; he replied “I just want freedom. Although I will be a prisoner of my own body forever, but I want freedom for Syria”. استمر في القراءة

Female Syrian Refugees in Jordan: We were Forced to Watch the Rape of our Daughters

Amman – Tamer Al Smadi

 Monday June 4th, 2012

Amal (40 years old) and her daughter found safe passage to Jordan from the area of Bab Amr ( باب عمرو ) in the Syrian city of Homs, fleeing the killing spree that according to her took the lives of three of her daughters at the hands of the Security Forces and those who are known as the Shabiha .

«Youth / Shabab» supplement observed tales, shrouded in the heavy dark Damascene night, of Syrian women raped and murdered, to convey to you their and their families’ ‘rare’ testimonies.

استمر في القراءة