Killing per se

Hazem Saghieh

22 October 2012

‪The assassination of Brigadier Wissam al-Hassan brings repaints the Lebanese politic map as a conflict between the killer and the victim.

‪Al-Hassan was brave enough to confront the killer by arresting Michel Samaha and thus he challenged the “the right to murder” (as Ahmad Baydoun puts it in a Facebook post).

‪This conflict between the killer and the murderer is now more prominent than any other conflict.

‪There is one side described as the killer regardless of any good attributes he may have, and another side described as the victim of the killing regardless of any bad attributes he may have. In this conflict any other explanation is assumed to be a lie imposed upon us and an insult to our minds. However this itself a clear moral degeneration. استمر في القراءة