Killing per se

Hazem Saghieh

22 October 2012

‪The assassination of Brigadier Wissam al-Hassan brings repaints the Lebanese politic map as a conflict between the killer and the victim.

‪Al-Hassan was brave enough to confront the killer by arresting Michel Samaha and thus he challenged the “the right to murder” (as Ahmad Baydoun puts it in a Facebook post).

‪This conflict between the killer and the murderer is now more prominent than any other conflict.

‪There is one side described as the killer regardless of any good attributes he may have, and another side described as the victim of the killing regardless of any bad attributes he may have. In this conflict any other explanation is assumed to be a lie imposed upon us and an insult to our minds. However this itself a clear moral degeneration.

This rapid decline to this low moral level was accompanied during the past few years by deadly language in the form of treason and defamation and sometimes by calls to “leave us”, as well as some direct death threats that are heard once in a while and are confirmed by the TV channels. Obviously the number of the dead bodies who were murdered since 2005 prove these threats. Yes they have already done it repeatedly.

‪What was amazing on the killing battlefront is the absolute lack of thoughts. What remains in Syria as well as Lebanon is just a poor and prosaic zajal rhythm which is “Fighting Israel” and this is boring as it is a shallow and a big lie. What really remains is a deadly zajal not only because it rationalizes the killing but also because its drives the killer to be silent about his murder.

‪Usually it was enough to give one answer: you are actually not fighting Israel and this a real reason, at least for Syria since 1974 and for Lebanon since the end of war in 2006, but this answer is not enough at all. The answer probably should be: whether you were fighting Israel or not it is irrelevant. The point is that you are killing. Your suspicious fight against Israel, which we were not consulted about and its costs, does not give you any justification for anything and certainly does not justify killing.

‪What is needed is an alternative language away from what is being imposed upon us as they are sanctities. It time to deal with killing as the only central criteria that politics, even national unity, is centered upon: a traitor is the one who kills and treason is the act of killing as well as helping to cover it up and justifying it. Without this language the homeland would remain a jungle and living together is just an open license for the wolf to kill the sheep, as words, all the words, become lies and nothing but lies. No rational person will accept this or even defend it.

Original article is Arabic was published by Now Lebanon.

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