Source: The Damascus Bureau

By: Razan Zeitouneh

Published: 30th August 2012

On the afternoon of August 25th, I was chatting to my friend Kareem, an activist in his early twenties, who resides in the Basateen Daraya area in a traditional Arabic house (single floor) with no basement or shelter.

I could almost hear his screams as he wrote: “A missile… has just hit our neighbors’’ house! Ya Allah… Ya Allah”. Kareem went offline and I waited for three days to be able to speak to him again, to get h is testimony, amongst many testimonies, about the massacre which broke our hearts in the city of peace, Daraya.

استمر في القراءة


Translated by: Traducciones de la revolucion Siria


Texto original: Damascus Bureau
Autor: Razzan Zaytouna
Fecha: 30/08/2012
 “Habéis ensangrentado Siria,
habéis exterminado a Dariya,
habéis destrozado los muros y las casas,
y vuestro silencio solo ha dejado destrucción”
(Jóvenes de Damasco para la construcción del mañana, 28/08/2012)
La tarde del 25 de agosto, estaba chateando con Karim. Karim es un activista de apenas 20 años que vive en la zona de los jardines de Dariya[1] en una casa árabe (de un único piso, sin sótano ni refugio).

Casi podía escuchar la voz de su grito mientras escribía: “Ha caído un misiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil sobre la casa de nuestros vecinos. Dios mío, Dios mío”. Karim se desconectó y tuve que esperar tres días para poder hablar con él de nuevo y que me contara su testimonio, uno más entre  muchos otros sobre la masacre que rompió nuestros corazones en la ciudad de la paz, Dariya. استمر في القراءة

Syrians, you are alone

Posted: 09/04/2012 by Mary Rizzo

Written by Elias Khoury published in al Quds al arabi (Translation from Arabic by Giacomo Longhi, translation to English by Mary Rizzo)

Ghiyath Matar, the martyr in Daraya who, with a gesture that confirms the nobility of the Syrian revolution, had distributed water and flowers to the Syrian soldiers, was kidnapped by the secret service on 6 September, 2011 and returned to his family four days later as a battered corpse

Ghiyath Matar today weeps for his city, Daraya, as he sees more than three hundred martyrs assassinated by the blind machine of the Assad army thugs and shabbiha that have devastated as the Tatars had done, eliminating anyone who they had at the range of their guns

استمر في القراءة

صورة اليوم Photo of the Day

who did this to your mother?

Source: Welsh Solidarity for Syria

Aldunyya TV presenter, Assad TV, stands with her microphone like a dagger over the head of two little children asking the little girl “who did this to your mother?” in order to elicit a certificate of innocence for Assad army and force the girl to say the response they wanted. How can a sane person conduct an interview with a child over the dead body of her mother instead of hugging the little gir

l and taking her away from the dead scene she is forced to be in. The girl is shocked in silence while the presenter who is stripped of any human feeling is interrogating her and continuing her trip among the bodies!!

Everyone is shocked by the behaviour of the presenter who is as inhuman as Assad thugs !! This picture is made to show the real face of the presenter who is walking with Assad thugs as if she is in a trip!!