End your Silence

Filmed and Directed by Abdullah al-Hakawati

The film was shot in Bostan al-Qasr in Aleppo and produced by Alshare3 Institute for Media and Development and Kayani Project for Visual Arts.

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A Night Tale – a true story

Michel Kilo1

8 October 2012

Suddenly, the door of my cell in the dungeon was open. It was around 3:00am. The security man ordered me to follow him. After about fifty steps, he opened the door of another cell, and entered before me, holding my hand, and pulling me behind him. He removed the blindfold off my eyes, and whispered to me: “I will come back an hour later to return you to your room” (in Syrian prisons, the solitary cell is called “Room”). He pointed out to an empty corner and said: “Sit there, and narrate a tale to this little/child boy.”

In that narrow place (2m x 2m), there was a woman in her thirties. The security man got out and closed the door, ordering me not to talk in a loud voice lest any of his colleagues would hear me, and then a disaster may occur which could see both of us sent to Tadmur [the most notorious political prison in Syria, located in the desert in the East of Syria]. استمر في القراءة

Fatima’s Head

Ziad Majed


It is hard to imagine what had happened to Fatima*. It is hard to describe the silence that swallowed the voices of the spectators of her death. I think the artworks on Facebook which had returned her head, portraying it as an orchard of flowers, a moon or a sun, tried hard to compensate for this horrifying silence, and to relieve Fatima, relieve her beloved ones, and relieve all of us.

What can be done for a little Syrian girl who had “lost” her head?!

What can be said to a little girl who had laid down on the ground in her dress, opening her arms, her small bleeding shoulders stuck directly to the wall..? استمر في القراءة

صورة اليوم Photo of the Day

who did this to your mother?

Source: Welsh Solidarity for Syria

Aldunyya TV presenter, Assad TV, stands with her microphone like a dagger over the head of two little children asking the little girl “who did this to your mother?” in order to elicit a certificate of innocence for Assad army and force the girl to say the response they wanted. How can a sane person conduct an interview with a child over the dead body of her mother instead of hugging the little gir

l and taking her away from the dead scene she is forced to be in. The girl is shocked in silence while the presenter who is stripped of any human feeling is interrogating her and continuing her trip among the bodies!!

Everyone is shocked by the behaviour of the presenter who is as inhuman as Assad thugs !! This picture is made to show the real face of the presenter who is walking with Assad thugs as if she is in a trip!!

A e-Demonstration and a Call for a National Day of Mourning for the Victims of the Hawla Massacres

مظـــــــــــــــــــــــــاهــــــــــــــــــــــرة الكتـــــــــــرونيــــــــــــــــــــــــة نصــــــــــــرة لشهـــــــــــداء الحولــــــــة ::

على كل الصامتين وكل الموالين وكل من يسكت عن النظام أن يتجه إلى الحولة ويخبرنا أنه لا يوجد في سورية مجازر .. ولا يوجد جرائم ضد الشعب السوري ..!!

غداً يوم حداد على أطفالٍ ذبحوا بالسكاكين ..

غداً يوم دعاء ليحفظ الله بقية أطفالنا ..

Tomorrow is a national mourning day for those kids who were slaughtered with knives by the Syrian regime gangs

All regime supporters and all those who are till silent about its actions must head straight ahead to Hawla in Homs… to tell us that nothing wrong is actually happening there, and that there are no crimes committed against the Syrian people!!

Tomorrow we will all pray God to protect the rest of our country’s children


il faut à toutes les pros Bachar et les silencieux et toutes qu’ils disent que “il n ‘y a pas des massacres en Syrie, et il n’ ya pas des crimes contre le peuple syrien” d’aller tout de suite à la ville de Haoula

demain, un jour de deuil pour des enfants qui ont été abattu à coups de couteau

c’est un jour de prier pour que Dieu protège nos enfants…


Alle Schweigende und Pro Assad Regime sollen jetzt zu Alhawla fahren um uns zu überreden ,dass es keine Massaker in Syrien gibt und dass es keine Morde gegen das Syrischen Volk gibt !!!

Morgen ist ein Tag der Trauer für die Kinder die mit Messern geschlachtet worden.

Morgen ist ein Tag ,in dem wir Alle dafür Beten , dass Allah den Rest unserer Kinder schüzt.


butun susanlara ve butun hukumet yanililarina ve hukumet icin susuanlar hovleye gidip katliyam olmadigini ve suriye halkinin katledilmedigini bize soylesin……!

yarin hovlede bicakla katledilen cocuklar icin yas ilan ediyoruz yarin allahin geri kalan cocuklari korumasi icin dua gunu ilan ediyoruz

A Child Testimony of Bashar’s Crimes

After more than a year of destruction and chaos, Syria’s children are now aware that not only it is violent people who have taken away their families and demolished their houses, but also that there is a higher authority above them giving them orders, and it is their president, Bashar Al-Assad. Children are now forced into understanding this complex concept of “politics”.



“إنهم يطلقون النار على الأطفال”

“إنهم يطلقون النار على الأطفال”

“كنت مذهولاً، لرؤية هؤلاء الأطفال الأبرياء كيف أصبحوا ضحايا لهذا النزاع. منظمة اليونيسيف تقول إن حوالي 500 طفل لقوا حتفهم إلى حد الآن. قبل بضعة أيام قرأت خبراً عن طفل يبلغ من العمر 10 أشهر تم اقتياده مع عائلته المؤلفة من 17 شخصاً في قرية قريبة من حمص، حيث تم صف العائلة باتجاه الجدار وقام الجنود برميهم بالرصاص الحي، للأسف الطفل ذو العشرة أشهر كان من بين الضحايا. قبل أيام قليلة قرأت قصة أخرى أكثر حزناً: كان هناك طفل يشارك في جنازة طفلة صغيرة، قتلته قوات الأسد. لقد رأينا وسمعنا الكثير من القصص المأساوية”.

هذه هي شهادة المونسنيور ماريو زيناري Mgr. Mario Zenari، السفير البابوي في دمشق.

Giacomo Galeazzi


3يناير/ كانون الثاني 2012

صرح السفير البابوي في سوريا المطران ماريو زيناري من خلال لقاء معه على راديو الفاتيكان بأن الشعب السوري عانى الكثير من الظروف المأساوية، وقام بسرد تلك الظروف التي تمر بها سوريا خلال هذه الأيام.

“في هذه الأوقات فإن كل الطوائف المسيحية على اختلاف مشاربها – بعضها في وقت متقدم وبعضها في وقت لاحق – دخل في زمن الصوم الكبير الطقسي”، كما قال. استمر في القراءة