Thoughts and Notes by the FST and their Friends: Shadi, it is too Early…Much too Early


Shadi, it is too early… too much early, Alder

“A bomb fell down on the guestroom, but fortunately no one got hurt” the last words of Shadi

Shadi is a young man whom life has not shown a tooth. He has graduated from The Faculty of Press but has been forced to abandon his ink in a country that puts shackles on the people’s freedom of speech. The cultured and elegant Shadi used to narrate novellas and stories as if they were the accounts of his friends. Moreover, Shadi was a master in turning the utmost difficult moments of life into comedic situations, masking all sorrows and pains with a big smile.

He adored Dalal Mugharbi, the Palestinian militant adored by him, and her picture was in his office at Dera National Hospital where he was working as a librarian!

Shadi has passed away leaving behind him too many unfulfilled questions, but the prominent one was why the triumph of revolution is lingering, bringing into mind unlimited reality based questions…

“Allah Help” two words have summarized up his aspect of life…

I am still waiting for our meeting at the café to speak vis-à-vis until words vanish, but regrettably death has reached and enshroud you in RED…

Be sure, Shadi, your soul has not gone far away; it shines over us and sings with us the victory anthems that are written with your pure blood.

Shadi, there is question in my mind: Why you departed early?

Shadi, it is too early… too much early, Alder

Let’s go…freedom is waiting

Alaboud, Khaled A
News Center
Amman, Jordan

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