Faces from the Syrian Revolution: Anas Al-Sheghri

Anas Ali Al-Shegri, born in 1988 in the village of Baida near the city of Baniass. He was a third year student at the School of Economics at Latakia Tishreen University. He became a leading activists in the peaceful protests during the popular Syrian uprising.

Anas is considered one of the most popular person in the city of Baniass. He played a leading role in the flare-up of the protests that called for freedom and toppling the Regime in the city of Baniass which is considered the second rebellious city in Syria after Deraa.

Anas had an important role in the media. He was one of the first Syrian activists inside the country who spoke to the Media using his real name. It is also important to mention that Baniass was the first city to broadcast it’s demonstration live to the news media.

Anas was arrested on May 14, 2011 when the Syrian army and the security forces along with the Shabbiha stormed the city of Baniass. Dunia TV (which is very close to the Syrian Regime) announced that the reason of Anas arrest is his accusation of establishing an Islamic State and his appointment as minister of interior in the newly established State.

Mystery shadow the fate of Anas. It s not affirmed whether he is dead at one of the Intelligence bureau cellars or of he is still live. What is certain though is that he put his name and his city name in the memoir of the Syrian Revolution with letter of gold. In addition to the previous fact, if we to write about Anas, the long many pages we will write will not be enough to satisfy his right and importance

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