Report on The Humanitarian Crisis in Deir Ezzor City

Given the lack of coverage of the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding the the city of Deir Ezzor following weeks of siege and shelling by the Assad forces the Free Syrian Translators will reproduce the following report on the situation in that city.

Report on The Humanitarian Crisis in Deir Ezzor City – By Obaida Hitto ::

In Deir Ezzor, Syria there is a humanitarian crisis increasing day by day. Food items in the city are running out. It is Ramadan, the fasting month for the Muslims who are the majority of the population here, and the water has been cut off surgically. Rockets and mortars are being launched into civilian neighborhoods breaking main water pipes letting the water flood out into the streets instead of through the faucets in peoples’ homes. Electricity is spontaneous. The people with A/C can not run the A/C during the hot summer days. Since trash has piled up for the last two months there is a constant swarm of flies everywhere you go, including inside peoples’ homes. When there is no electricity you can not even turn on a fan to push away the flies or even plug in a an insect zapper to relieve yourself from swarms of flies. Even the cats in the city look sick and thirsty.

Many people have returned to their homes. They left two months ago when the battle between the Free Syrian Army and the terrorist Assad regime started. They found that people in neighboring cities were taking advantage of them. The cost of rent increased and the cost of food items rose. In the city it is tough to find bread, not all of the bread makers are going to their ovens and making bread. The families who returned did not expect this and came back to their homes to find that there is no water, electricity, or even stores to buy food items or even bread. The stores which are open are quickly running out of items. Even during distribution efforts by the LCC and FSA the civilians are on edge to the point that they may disagree about who gets what and how much people should get. It is quite a sad scene.

The Free Syrian Army continues to protect the city proper part of Dayr Al Zawr, Syria from the entrance of the Assad regime. Today was the pinnacle of a long and drawn out battle. More than 15 tanks and BMPs took positions along the Euphrates River that borders the main entrances to the city and began to launch rounds into civilian buildings. They entered during the early hours of the morning and took the entire city by surprise. The terrorist Assad regime parked a BMP at the head of a street which leads to جامع حرويل (Harweel Mosque) from شارع الماي (The Street following the Euphrates). The BMP launched rounds into the street at civilians. They also sprayed the street continuously eventually injuring a civilian in the middle of the street. In attempts to remove this injured civilian from the middle of the street 7 members of the Free Syrian Army were severely injured and one of them eventually martyred. This was on a Friday so anyone who was trying to go to the Mosque for Friday prayers was stopped by very heavy machine gun fire. This machine gun fire eventually found its way into the front door of the mosque and the guard of the mosque was shot in his stomach and was pulled back in to the mosque and he was stuck there. No car or person could reach him to take him to the hospital which is less than a kilometer away from the mosque.

The world must know that the Syrian people will continue to resist against the terrorism and oppression of the Assad regime. The question is not how long can the Syrian people hold out? The question is what will it take for the Muslims to understand what is really happening here? May Allah guide us all to the straight path and bless us with His All Forgiving Forgiveness and All Merciful Mercy this Blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to all.

Special greetings to my family members and loved ones.

Hello to all my friends and those who continue to show their support, continue to pray for humanity and the Syrian people, and find ways to relieve suffering where ever they may find such crimes.

May Allah bless you and all of us during these Holy days.

Peace Be Upon You


Deir Press Network | D.P.N

Documentory video reports on the tragic situation in the city of Deir Ezzor:

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