Arts of Revolution

A young Syrian man has invented objects inspired from the remnants of the ongoing fighting in Syria.
The guy who was working in marbles and ceramics installation has opened a shop, naming it “The Arts of Revolution for War Inventions”.

استطاع شاب سوري ابتكار مجسمات من مخلفات القتال الدائر في بلاده. وافتتح الشاب الذي كان يعمل في مجال الرخام والسيراميك متجرا سماه فنون الثورة للاختراعات الحربية

Inside the Free Syrian Army Prison in Aleppo

The Free Syrian Army has established a prison in Aleppo’s countryside to hold more than 200 prisoners. Among them there are Military Officers, soldiers, and “shabiha” [regime militia members] caught during battles, as well as other criminals.

The officials in charge of this prison say they seek to convey the values of the revolution to the prisoners through periodical awareness lessons, in addition to allocating a special room for public trials to be carried out according to approval legal practices.