A Statement from Jobar’s Medical Point regarding the Chemical Attack

This is a statement from Jobar’s Medical Point regarding events that took place at the early hours of dawn today.

The front of Ain Tarma and Jobar in Eastern Ghouta was bombarded with chemical weapons.
The catastrophe was of huge proportions. The scale of casualties and injuries was massive. We exhausted our supplies of Atropine and Hydrocortisone in Jobar.



وجوه من الثورة السورية: قاسم محمود حماد


قاسم محمود حماد هو ابن سراقب من مواليد 26 نوفمبر 1976 قاسم لم يكمل دراسته الإعدادية و بدأ مشوار الاغتراب منذ عام 1996 الى الجزائر ثم عاد الى سوريا فترة وجيزة ليعادود مشوار الاغتراب لأكثر من 10 سنوات . عاد قاسم الى سوريا ابن الثورة في قبيل تحرير سراقب بقليل بدا هادئا أول قدومه أخذ فترة جيدة في قراءة الواقع ثم بدا العمل بانشاء المنتدى الثقافي الاجتماعي . اذا قرر الاتجاه نحو الثقافة و جمع اقطاب البلد المتفرقة ضمن مشاريع حوار للوصول الى نتيجة , لم يلبث بعدها أن إنجر و أصبح قطبا فيها . استشهد بتاريخ 27 – 7 – 2013 نتيجة القصف الجوي على المدينة .

Faces from the Syrian Revolution: Qassem Mahmoud Hammad


Qassem Mahmoud Hammad, of Saraqeb, was born on November 26, 1976. Qassem was a middle school drop-out. He first left Syria, emigrating to Algeria, in 1996. He went back to Syria briefly thereafter, only to leave again for ten years. Qassem was a son of the Syrian Revolution, and relocated to Syria briefly before Saraqeb was liberated. He initially kept a low-profile and took his time absorbing the new realities surrounding him. It was not long before he set out on creating The Social Cultural Forum, with the vision of focusing on culture and bringing together the conflicting parties at the town into civilized, fruitful debates; an initiative that saw him become one of these parties himself. Qassem was martyred on July 27, 2013, as a result of aerial bombardment on Saraqeb.