A Call on the Occasion of Ramadan by Father Paolo Dall’Oglio

A Call on the occasion of Ramadan 1434H, 2013AD

Believers in God, the One, the Merciful as well as all believers in humanity refuse the ongoing bloody fighting and horrific conflict unfolding between Muslims of the Sunni branch and their Shi’i counterparts, who together form the one nation of Islam.

The massive moral, human, and material losses caused by conflicts extending from Pakistan to Lebanon, and from Iran to Yemen as well as the sectarian conflicts stretching from Egypt to North West Africa and the Sahara are irreplaceable and damage the reputation of Islam, the religion of peace, and its people.

In line with this, Syria has turned into a major battlefield for this infighting side-tracking thereby the revolution, which its people has declared more two years ago demanding freedom, dignity, and democracy for all Syrians of all dominations; a revolution against a regime that has for forty years ruled an entire nation with torture, intimidation, brainwashing and a cult of the leader.

The Syrian people simply cannot give up their revolution, not after the enormous sacrifices they have offered. They cannot surrender no matter how significant the shifty regional and international intervention in this painful civil war becomes.

In Iran as well as Israel, Russia and NATO member-states, there are some who assume that the Syrian catastrophe may serve their geopolitical interests. This is such a dangerous and incorrect assumption.

On the other hand, thanks God, there are many who view the losses sustained by humanity in Syria as losses to all humankind. They seek to donate their money, efforts, and commitment to enforce civil peace in Greater Syria and to put the popular Syrian revolution back on the right track to achieve its goals.

In reality the conflict in Syria is not between Sunnis and Shi’is, but between those who believe that God created people free to communicate and live in peace with each other and those who believe that this life is a mere battlefield for domination, conflicts and personal interests.

Therefore, the month of Ramadan this year is not an occasion for Muslims only, but for every human being with good will and sincere intentions to work towards the betterment of his fellow brother and sisters, appreciating and respecting their values and religious symbols.

A large number of Christians and Jews, among others from many countries, will participate in solidarity activities during Ramadan, praying, each in their own spiritual way, for God the Merciful, the Able to endow unity and harmony upon the Muslim nation, as this would be to for the benefit of world peace and security.

A large number of the world’s population will be invited to share iftar (fast-breaking meal) with their Muslim neighbours, both Sunni and Shi’i, united as brothers and sisters, each contributing within their means, even if it were on the scale of one single village.

So let us all stand in solidarity with the detained brothers and sisters, the kidnapped, the refugees, the suffering masses, the victims, and those crying for their relatives, as well as those standing their ground demanding freedom, justice, equality, and a dignified transparent and honest life. Let us all unite in rejecting the logic of conspiracies, hidden agendas and corrupting mafias.

This month is a month of repentance to God and asking forgiveness from our sisters and brothers in humanity. We ask for the blessing of repentance to be endowed on all. We ask for it, together with revealing the truth and achieving justice, for every criminal, oppressor and those who have gone astray by slandering their humanity before the humanity of their victims. There is no might nor power except in God the Lover of mankind. I wish many happy returns for the entire nation of humanity.

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio

5 July 2013


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