Homs, the Syrian Revolution’s Capital

While the world is living to the rhythms of life, The Syrians pursue their lives to the rhythms of the shells that destroy homes, and claims lives.

The United Nations’ observers have suspended their mission.

But the Syrian regime, which failed that mission, Did not stop the killing and destruction! Homs, a city that has paid the highest price, and sacrificed the largest scores of martyrs, all for the sake of all the Syrians’ future.

The Syrians used to relieving the pressure off this city through stepping up the demonstrations, reaching sometimes to a civil disobedience, for the sake of Syria that all the Syrian dream of.

What is the world waiting for in order to act?

More Massacres?!

Higher scores of casualties?!

These are suspended Syrian questions,in a world that is still engulfed in paralysis and inactivity.

Homs.. left its mark on the revolution.

and Syria is awaiting yours.

Source: http://youtu.be/GdGi38S7tYw

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