How the Assad Regime Destroyed Syria

Written by: Dr. Khaled Al-Huroob

Published on 11th June 2012

The chain of historic disasters that the Assad’s (the father) regime brought upon Syria and the Arabs in the past decades are being crowned by the catastrophic additions of his son’s regime. These disasters will place him on the wrong side of history.

The regime’s mouthpieces and means of propaganda have been boasting and clapping for its “defiance” and “resistance” (to Israel and the super powers in the world). They keep repeating dumb slogans and tailoring all the crimes and disasters that were committed by the regime to accuse the Syrian people and its revolutionaries. Where the regime creates the disasters and fabricates the financial, political and ethical crimes and accuses the opposition of creating them through starting the vulgar whining and weeping claiming innocence and virtue. This is not too smart on the regime’s part, it is in fact a total ethical degeneration repeatedly cloned and reproduced  in a manner more repulsive than anything else. Having said that, we have to admit that the regime proved superiority in the ability to continuously manipulate many voices that are still deceived by the tales of “the regime’s resistance” and “the strategic plan” aiming at toppling it.

Let’s take a closer look at the inventory of disasters that Assad (the son) “created” and dragged upon Syria and the Arabs in a record time, while his supporters insist on turning a blind eye to. These disasters are true events that were, and still are, documented in reality as facts.

The first disaster or crime committed by the regime materializes in the militarization of the Syrian Revolution and intently pushing it towards the use of arms. No one can argue the Revolution’s insistence for many months on utilizing peaceful methods and tools. For, the Syrian people were simply inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptians experiences and how the people were able to topple two dictatorships through peaceful demonstrations and protests, without resorting to arms.

The overall public sensibility as well as the elitists’ awareness, in all those these situations, particularly the Syrian example, were aware of the regime’s hope of implicating the people in resorting to use arms. Once a single peace of weapon is used, the whole army and security forces would be mobilized to crush the “armed terrorist gangs”, in a clear cloning of any dictatorship that is provoked by peaceful demonstrations which restrain its security forces and deprives it of the excuse to “strike with an iron fist”. Therefore, the Regime’s standard course of action is to make weapons available in the streets and seduce individuals into using them in peaceful demonstrations, and if that didn’t work, there would be no harm in killing a few members of the security forces here and there, and accuse the “terrorists” and “infiltrators” of killing them, thus it would be able to quash the peaceful revolution with the utmost armed brutality.

The Syrian regime has followed this scenario literally, and over the course of long months of peaceful protests, it has persistently killed, brutalized and militarized the protests until the revolution has transformed to become armed indeed. Here, Syria and the Syrian people have entered a dark tunnel, as opening the Syrian scene to the armed operations, as it presently is, would spiral things out of the control of both the brutal regime and the revolutionaries. Thus, Assad’s regime is the only culprit of this heinous crime, and at present, it and its mouthpieces are whining that Armed groups, “Al-Qaida” and salafi Jihadist are fighting it in Syria, while the regime, and only the regime is to blame for the current situation.

The second disaster or historical crime that the Assad’s (the son) regime committed was the reincarnation of the crime committed by his father’s regime, which is, utilizing sectarianism and destroying the Syrian National fabric. Yet, the historical facts would prove that the revolution and common public on the streets were too scared of such a thing and working tirelessly to banish any sectarian accusations or slogans in the first months of the revolution. Everybody was busy focusing on Syria, the Syrians, and that the revolution to include everyone and represents everyone regardless of any sectarian classifications, this was and has always been an undeniable fact.

However, the regime, that has always depended on the concept of “divide and rule”, and employing one political stream  or sect against the other, either in Syria or Lebanon, started working on igniting the sectarian strife and hiding behind a certain sect.

Therefore, once again, the rationality emerging from the Syrians’ sensibility, extreme care, and concern for their country was far from the trench of the political degeneration of the regime.

The regime utilized its “Shabiha” (thugs), to persistently kill and commit sectarian-based killings in villages and towns of mixed sects, leading to the emergence and be-rooting of sectarian frontlines. As a matter of fact, the sectarian speech has escalated because of the fundamentalist groups standing at the geographic and intellectual borderlines, finger-crossing for the slide of Syria in that direction. Even though they are at odds with the regime both in sect and ideology, yet they share the sectarian dimension and the tendency to divide people and countries based on sectarian polarizations.

The Assad’s regime is historically responsible for the sectarian swamp it is pushing everyone in Syria towards, and yet the regime and its mouthpieces have been shouting and accusing everyone else of sectarianism and employing it.

The third disaster or historical crime being committed by Assad’s (the son) regime is calling upon foreign intervention in one way or the other. Where, the regime never listened to the peaceful protests and paid no heed for any political initiatives, whether from the Arab league or the UN. It never took the opposition and the revolution with it’s millions seriously, and claimed they were all agents for the west, terrorists and so forth. The regime’s only response to the freedom and dignity calls was more bloodshed and an endless series of massacres targeting infants, slaughtering them in their beds. Yet, taking refuge under the protection of some foreign powers cannot stop the flood of daily images that portray the level of crimes and massacres the regime is recklessly committing, and does not care for.

Not caring for the media is another sign of this regime’s failure, since it thinks that it can survive the revolution and stay in power despite all the blood shed. The regime thinks that the Arabic and International public opinions will remain silent in front of these crimes because of the Russian protection.

The world is no longer in the cold war era, where a dictator like “Pol Pot” could kill a million or two of his people while the rest of the world is paralyzed, watching but can’t interfere. Matters in Syria will end with a foreign intervention because of the regime’s intransigence and its refusal of all peaceful solutions and initiatives. The regime is the perpetrator of all of this, but its propaganda means and mouthpieces roam everywhere blaming everyone else for their own doings.

Source: Al-Ittihad Newspaper

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