Part 2: 10 Minutes in Jouret Al-Shayyah in the city of Homs

Video — Part 2: 10 Minutes in Jouret Al-Shayyah in the city of Homs, this is how it became now.This is what I witnessed in the neighborhood of Jouret Al-Shayyah, in the city of Homs, and what I have seen is not even close to the reality. The residents are besieged, and there is a severe shortage in everything. What a shame. Does the world accept what the regime is doing to us?!HOMS, Jouret Al-Shayyah

16 June 2012

“We are staying here, this is our neighborhood, this is Jouret Al-Shayyah,…”

“…we will not leave. Where will we go?!…”

“…and if God wills, we will not leave here until we die, as Martyrs.”

“We would not have it any other way!”

“We are helping each other, for free. Now we know the true value of Life!”

“Everyone is helping each other.”

“If Assad thinks that we lost, it is on the contrary, our love for each other has increased!”

Watch Part I.


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