US General Believes in Quick Victory over Assad

The Syrian air defense system would be eliminated in a few days

By Julian Reichelt, June 1, 2012, BILD Magazine

Berlin – It has been 15 months that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has been murdering civilians in his country. He is ordering his thugs to massacre children and women in order to assure his own power. Until today, the West has been standing on the sidelines.

French president François Hollande (57) has already addressed a possible NATO attack on Assad’s murderous forces. The successful air war against dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi has – quite similarly – been initiated by French pressure. Now there seems to be support from Germany, too: CDU foreign expert Philipp Mißfelder said that “a well-conceived military intervention would be worth considering”.

It’s a fact that Syria has about ten times as many air defense systems as Libya used to have. Nearly all of those air-to-ground missiles are located around cities which have seen fighting recently

Yet the Syrian air defense is no real threat to a modern US and NATO air force. Rather, Western politicians use the apparently strong Syrian air defense as an excuse for not taking action in Syria.

“A no-fly zone as well as a deployment against Assad’s ground forces is virtually free of risk” US air force General Merrill McPeak (76) said in an interview with BILD.

McPeak was responsible for the organization of the no-fly zone in Bosnia after the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. “We probably wouldn’t face any losses in a thousand attacks.”

“First, the Syrian air force has to be neutralized. Drones and stealth bombers would eliminate the Syrian air force within a few days, maybe even faster. Once the Syrian air space is under full control, the Syrian army literally starts smelling its enemy. That does not mean that they are entirely harmless. But they’d know then that they cannot move freely anymore.”

In the city of Hula, Assad troops massacred over one hundred civilians, among them women and children. Photo: D.A.P.D

NATO jets would then eliminate Syrian combat helicopters and attack those ground forces (artillery and tanks) advancing cities.

The aim of such an operation would be to force Assad into exile. Alternatively, the Syrian opposition accomplishes to topple the regime through the help of air strikes as happened in Libya.

“Technically such an operation is not complicated at all” General McPeak claims. “It is only a question of the political will to do so.”


US-General glaubt an schnellen Sieg über Assad

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