The Revolution of Dignity – How it All Started – Syrian Documentary – English Subtitles

Horan is a region in southern Syria famous for its plains and agriculture farmlands. One of its main cities is Daraa, where the Syrian revolution had its great beginning…

Mrs Montaha al-Atrash is a prominent human rights activist. She is a princess, the daughter of the late Sultan Basha al Atrash who led the Syrian revolution against the French occupation. She is the spokeswoman of the Syrian Organization for Human Rights.

This is her words in the begining of the film:

“My dear these events started with children, I can’t believe a regime would punish children 12 and 13 years of age, just because they wrote on the walls: The People Want to Topple The Regime”.

Similar to other revolutions, as part of the Arab Spring, Syrians have given names to each Friday since the start of their revolution. Friday is the day in the week where demonsrations reach their peak. The Friday names are either symbolic general phrases, or political messages or terms used to raise awareness of certain issues or demands.

This film documents the begining of the Syrian revolution in Daraa.

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