Injustice and Shades of Darkness

Baseerah Magazine

Issue 9



Diamond Shine

Murmurs rose. Frightened words prevailed. Is he going to be defeated? Is it possible?!! He had a promising future and everybody was counting on him. Yes, he was still a young man but possessed a mature mind, a spiritual heart and learned quickly. But why now, though his enemy is on his final legs, and after all these strikes, is he tumbling against him Ok, it is true international experts were aiding his enemy, but this doesn’t matter. He possessed an unusual strange supernatural weapon called justice…. But look, why has his weapon become rusty and the hand that carries it starting to tire!! An attempt has to be made to aid him and find out more about this strange rust.

The tests have come out and there is no doubt about the results. It is an “injustice” that is attacking the body of the young fighter. It is invading his heart, his strongest point, and trying to destroy his weapon as well. Injustice is a hidden weapon of mass destruction. Its feature is that it is self-destructive, almost like a slow suicide process taking over he who has decided to be unjust. It is God’s will over His Earth. He sustains just nations even if they were nations of unbelievers- for they will be judged on their disbelief separately- and He eliminates unjust nations even if they were nations of believers, as stated by Allah in the Holy Quran “Generations before you We destroyed when they did wrong: their messengers came to them with clear-signs” (Yunus:13).

It is narrated that Omar ibn al-Khattab assigned one of his mean –name Hunayy- to a security position. He said, “Hunayy! Do not harm the people. Fear the supplication of the wronged, for the supplication of the wronged is answered”. Do not be conceited by your strength, which God has bestowed upon you, for He Who has given you this gift is able to answer the supplications against you, because the prayer of the oppressed is heard by God directly. History shows this with uncountable tales of the demise of great kingdoms and well-established powers. Ibn al-Katheer narrates in his classical history book that some of the sons of Yehya al-Barmaki the [ex-]minister of Haroun al-Rashid told him when they were in shackles in prison: Oh father after all the luxury we were in and the power we enjoyed we end up in this state? He replied: my sons, maybe it was the supplication of an oppressed person, whispered at night, we were oblivious to it, but God was not oblivious to it. He went on to say, making them cry: “it has happened with many before. For a while they enjoyed their luxury, but time is like water flowing down a river, it’s quite for a while then changes its course.”

You all have responsibilities over those which you rule. Injustice is a betrayal of trust, and an impeachment on the rights of people and citizens, their lives, livelihoods and businesses, and even their beliefs when they see that you, who are flying the flag of Islam, delving deep into a corrupt rotten swamp of injustice, subjugation, and violation while at the same time claiming to be praying on time!!!

The flag you carry and the slogan you raise are both your guardianships, so be responsible for the trust placed in you and beware of betraying it.. Your emotions overwhelm you, as you see another oppressor around you and you are filled with rage… you lose control and deviate to another path…Be sure you won’t reach your destination.

You who carry the flag…your path is hard and long. Your first battles are with yourself, the often incorrect values of your surroundings and your wrong habits. Your first battle is with yourself and your emotions. You are now in a position of responsibility. Be just with your enemy and opponent regardless of their level of animosity. God Has stated: “and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety” (Al-Ma’idah:8). The people around you are calling “Oh God we have no one left but You”…Look out for the weak, those whom nobody stands up for expect God. Beware of your own injustice against them, of their cries, their agony, and their supplications. Aim for those prayers to be for you and not against you.

Transition periods are always the hardest because they are a mixture of what was before and what is desired. A middle ground where you struggle to escape the gravity of a previous life, to reach the state of freedom in your heart from worshipping other than what God has desired and the state of freeing your life from following humans and their injustices. Transition periods where you fall down only to stand up again and continue… Your strength that helps you escape from that gravity is the righteousness which you carry, your morals, principles and belief, so do not abandon them, otherwise what sheikh Ahmad al-Sisy said will happen: “No doubt that defeat would be the fate of those who first sacrifice their morals in their battles, even if they are victorious in small battles”. As God has stated in the Quran: “But verily the wrong-doers never shall prosper” (Al-An’am”21). Injustice will deprive you of guidance and success, as God has stated: “for Allah guides not people given to wrong-doing”( Al-Qasas:50). More significantly it leads to deprivation of God’s love, “for (Allah) loveth not those who do wrong”(Al-Shura:40). So let us warn about this grave condition and be pious in our own deeds before lecturing other people.

Let us seek to conduct all our daily affairs in a just manner. Pre-revolution, injustice has consumed our lives, like a lotus epidemic almost destroys a field of crops. Justice will however re-grow what has been destroyed and is currently worthless. There is injustice between individuals in our household, in our businesses, in our mosques, not to mention in the fields of battle and the revolution…We have to take our cure in our own hands. That cure will treat us and strengthen us.

I will conclude with the morals of the Prophet peace be upon him. He (peace be upon him) has been quoted as saying “The person most beloved by Allah is the one who helps people better than anyone else, and the best actions beloved by Allah are: Bringing joy to a Muslim, relieving his agony, paying his debts and feeding him when hungry. Indeed, it is better for me to go to help my brother in need than to go into hermitry in this Mosque (meaning Madinah Mosque) for a whole month. Whoever controls his anger, Allah will conceal his sin, and whoever suppresses his anger when he is capable of doing harm if he wishes, Allah will fill his heart with peace on the Day of Judgement. Whoever goes to fulfil the need of a Muslim and stays with him until he fulfils it for him, Allah will make his feet firm on the Day the feet of other people will slip over [into Hellfire]. Bad manners spoil good qualities as vinegar spoils honey”

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