Thoughts and Notes by the FST Team: A letter to the “Civilised West”


A letter to the “Civilised West”

Dear Civilised West,

When the Syrian uprising erupted in march 2011, you had a great chance to start a new era of peace and trust with the Arab and Muslim world, by deciding, then, to stand with the legitimate demands of the Syrian people and protect them from the war waged on them by the Assad regime!

Sadly, you didn’t see the chance even when some of us tried their best to show it to you! We hope the future won’t show you how foolish you were!

Now, after letting Syrian people alone facing the murderous Assad regime, and the last horrendous crime of using chemical weapons against them, you might still have a chance to, at least, save what is left of trust in you and your human rights claims, namely by stopping this murderous regime once and for all!

We are being terrorised, unlawfully detained, tortured and mass-murdered by a regime that has lost its legitimacy, a regime responsible for the death of more than 100,000 human beings, the displacement of more than 4,000,000 million and almost 1,500,000 refugees, a regime that already terrorised neighbouring nations by threatening them of chaos and a massive “earthquake that will burn the region” according to Bashar Assad! Is that not TERRORISM that you are supposed to fight!?

Dear Civilised West,

Some of your leaders claimed that they won’t let Assad cross certain red lines they’ve set for him, it seems they were just kidding, apparently he believes so, and to be frank, we also don’t think they are serious!

Some of us even think that those leaders are collaborating with Assad to suffocate our aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice. Sadly, considering all that happened so far and what’s going on, they might be right!

Last, we believe justice, human rights and the right to live and be safe must be universal, not only on your side of the borders!

Best regards,

Someone who is not killed… yet!


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