Faces from the Syrian Revolution: Baraa Al-Bushi

Translated from “On the death of the journalist Baraa Al-Bushi” published by Kebreet.

August 11, 2012

The death of dissident [from the Regular Syrian Army where he was drafted] 1st Lt. Baraa Yousef Al-Bushi, who was born and raised in the city of Hama, was as a result of injuries he recieved in the bombardment of the town of Al-Tal in the suburbs of Damascus.

The hero holds a degree in journalism from the University of Damascus, Faculty of Media, 2009-2010.

He also holds a number of certificates and additional experience, including:

– Degree in photography and television

– Certificate in the preparation of televised press reports, conducted by Nasir Abbas, Al Jazeera reporter

– Degree in planning for the journalistic investigations, implementation and the writing of those investigations. Conducted by Arig, Reporters for Arab Investigative Journalism

– A Certificate in writing News-story.

– Certificate in the formulation of editorial press release.

He was a journalist and a spokesman on the ground in Damascus Suburbs. He offered his experience and the best years of his youth for the sake of his beloved country.

Baraa Al-Bushi, the young free journalist and 1st Lieutenant dissident was spokesman of Ahfad Al Rasol brigade, that has the largest number of battalions from the Golan Heights operating in the suburbs of Damascus.

Baraa Al-Bushi used to appear in the media at the beginning of the revolution under the name of Omar Al-Hamoui.

His last broadcast was on Orient TV last night from the town of Al-Tall where he died. He reported about the latest development in the city of Al-Tal. He spoke about the security, humanitarian, and the dire medical situation over there. He also reported about the arrest of Al-Ekhbaria news media staff after the Syrian regime’s forces fled the area and left him behind.

The following are some of his media appearances as a citizen journalist and dissident

This is the video where Baraa declares his defection from the regular Syrian Army

A live cross with Baraa on Orient TV channl

An appearance of Baraa on AlJazeera channel

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