Books on Syria and the Syrian Revolution: Authoritarianism in Syria

Authoritarianism in Syria : Institutions and Social Conflict, 1946–1970

Steven Heydemann

Cornell University Press



For almost forty years Syria has been ruled by a populist authoritarian regime under the Ba’th Party, led since 1970 by President Hafiz al-Asad. The durability and resilience of this regime is a striking contrast to the instability and intense social conflict that preceded the Bath’s seizure of power, when Syria was seen as among the least stable of Arab states. استمر في القراءة

Books on Syria and the Syrian Revolution: Syria the Revolution from Above

Syria: The Revolution from Above

Raymond Hinnebusch



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This study examines the development of the Syrian state as it has emerged under thirty-five years of military-Ba’thist rule and, particularly, under President Hafiz al-Asad. It analyzes the way in which the fragility of the post-independence state, unable to contain rising nationalist struggle and class conflict, opened the way to the Ba’th party’s rise to power and examines how the Ba’th’s ‘revolution from above’ transformed Syria’s socio-political terrain.


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كتب عن الثورة السورية: بالخلاص، يا شباب! 16 عاماً في السجون السورية

المؤلف : ياسين الحاج صالح

رقم الإيداع : 9781855168671

نوع الغلاف : Paperback

تاريخ الصدور : 2012

عدد الصفحات : 224

الناشر: دار الساقي

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