The Syrian Woman… You are the Dignity of Our Homeland

A Syrian Woman.

By rising up against the injustices of Assad and his regime, the Syrian Woman challenged all the ideas and stereotypes that were casted on her by minds claiming wisdom and global leadership while being stagnant in international circles, such as feminists and human rights organisations, as well as [Syrian] compatriots who have blindly adopted the slogans of those organisations.
استمر في القراءة

International Bodies threatening to cease donations to medical institutions if they mention that Assad regime has bombed them

International Bodies threatening to cease donations to medical institutions if they mention that Assad regime has bombed them. They are forced to take a neutral position and refrain from giving any statements that would plainly accuse the Assad regime of attacking medical facilities.

30 April 2016

One employee at a major medical institute working in Aleppo has revealed that a discussion took place on Thursday [sic 27/04/2016] in one of the institutes complaining from the pressure donors are imposing on them to be “neutral” and not give any statements that would accuse the Assad regime of launching attacks against those medical facilities. Mutasem Alsyoufi stated on his Facebook: “the same donors had no problem if the accusation subjected JN [al-Nusra Front], ISIS, or even the moderate armed groups because they are “not state actors”.

Alsyoufi also mentioned that a number of workers at those Medical Organisations were martyred in the Assad regime’s air force attacks over Aleppo, adding that “apparently, the real international community is the one unveiled in the Panama leaks not the UN or the Universal declaration of human rights”.

The Assad and Russian invasion forces had earlier targeted more than one Medical Center, the latest of which was the UOSSM Center providing healthcare in the Marjah area of Aleppo, that had it completely destroyed and rendered inoperable.



Mutasem Alsyoufi’s Facebook Post

Syria and Western Powers: A Global Problem

Yassin al-Haj Saleh

September 19, 2015

alQuds Newspaper


 Since the early days, the West’s handling of the Syrian conflict has had a set of characteristics that raise questions about the political and intellectual credibility of the elite and political leaders in the West. The first of these characteristics is dealing with outcomes, not the roots and causes, and consequently being narrow minded politically, considering a thin slice of the present myopically, not only without historical depth, but also without even an understanding of the ongoing conflict and its dynamics. Secondly, the Western powers’ policies are not rooted in clear values of justice, freedom and human dignity. They often lack a political vision of the conflict, confining themselves to a “crisis management” approach, which ignores the moral dimension and deals with the latest developments, and in the longer term construes to make obvious issues mysterious and complex issues even more complex. The third characteristic is the fractional perspective that divides the conflict into disconnected parts, and deals with some parts but not others, resulting in even more difficult situations. A fourth characteristic related to the previous one, is the fragmented vision, in particular the lack of a global perspective when handling problems that are global in part and have become even more global during the four and a half years of conflict. استمر في القراءة


The Syrian,

Baseerah Magazine

Issue 18

April 2014


Lojain (Lens young Dimashqi)

In the midst of the cruelty… accumulated sorrows… the chaos of painful images on Facebook… cumbersome statements… dirty politics…State imposed divisions… regional interests… and rewards by the Gulf States… current governments…future governments… Jewish agendas … the Crusader tide… Nusairis’ squalor…Shiite’s revenge… international flogging… the screams, explosions, bombs, barrel bombs, pieces of flesh and blood and echoes…

Lojain appears

A civilian flower… that reinstates the true meaning of the humanity of the Syrian people…

A genuine smile planted amidst the destruction… Shining above the [Facebook] pages darkened by all of the above … to color it…

And to restore the missing oxygen in the chaos of inhumanity experienced by Syrians…

Within several days of the appearance of her first photo in the “Young Damascene Lens” [Facebook] page Lojain became an icon for many of her fellow people who had lost hope and whom were stopped by hopelessness from continuing their journey of patience…and whom have forgotten how to smile and forgotten that God states

“Do people think that they are left alone by saying: ‘We are believers, ‘ and will not be tried? We tried those who have gone before them. Allah knows those who are truthful and those who lie.” [Verses 2-3, Al-Ankaboot (The Spider), Holy Quran]

Lojain is three and a half years old… she loves her school very much … Maybe she feels like it is her only window to the world outside the realm of bombings and destruction. There she meets her teachers and her friends … and expresses her views freely, despite her young age …

He who knows Lojain sees within her hands a small toy she bears all the time and calls it a name fitting the digital era:

(Digi Snegi)

Her favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry …

Her teachers adore her and follow her words and the beautiful way she speaks…

Her hobbies are drawing and “reenacting the way adults talk”…

Lojain is an icon of happiness and cheerfulness … she came out of the womb of pain and the Diary of Cruelty to caress the weary hearts of Syrians and remind them of the verse, that should be always remembered:

“Do not despair of the Comfort of Allah, none but unbelievers despair of the Comfort of Allah.” [Verses 88, Yusuf (Joseph), Holy Quran]

استمر في القراءة

The Attrition of Syrian Resources

Abdul Razzak Alkanjo

Future Builders (Bona’at al Mostakbal) Magazine

Issue # 7

April 2014

After the Six-Day War that erupted between a number of Arab countries and Israel, the underlying reasons of animosity between the fighting parties persisted in a way that could re-ignite the confrontation any moment, even though the war itself ceased without very noticeable effort. The military battles broke up as a result of international interventions on one hand and because each side on the other hand realized and grew convinced that bringing the war to an end was their utmost strategic option.

But those motives to cease fighting were not going to break the hostility as they never lead to any actual truce guaranteed by active international players. And due to such a situation, which embarrassed Egypt’s military and political leadership in front of its own people on one hand and shook its image in the eyes of the Arab public on the other, the leadership, who found it hard to submit, resorted to an alternative timid path of a silent war, later defined as:

The War of Attrition.

استمر في القراءة