On the displacement of Mosul’s Christians

Ziad Majed Wednesday, July 30, 2014  There are several levels of approaching ISIS’s crime of displacing the Christian Iraqi citizens from their land in Mosul (and the Nineveh plains) last week. The first of levels is the crime per se. It’s a level of uprooting and expelling a group of human beings from their country […]

Faiek Almeer‎

Ziad Majed 8 October 2013 The history of “Assad’s Syria” remains incomplete without recording the biographies of individuals whose lives formed a register for multitude of its events. This is so because their biographies constitute the richest and most faithful of material which can be relied on to understand the particularities of a stage that […]

Rightists and Leftists Against the Revolution

Ziad Majed 12 September 2012 Why do racist European right-wingers and some factions belonging to the far left find a common ground in their hostility towards the Syrian revolution? For a while now, that same question has been posing itself on many friends shocked by the positions and comments of writers and reporters united in […]

La cabeza de Fátima

Traducido por traducciones de la revolución siria Texto original: Blog de Ziad Majed  Autor: Ziad Majed  Fecha: 25/09/2012 Es difícil imaginar lo que le pasó a Fátima[1], y es difícil describir el silencio que se tragó las voces de los que vieron su muerte. Creo que las obras artísticas en Facebook que le devolvían su […]

Fatima’s Head

Ziad Majed 25/09/2012 It is hard to imagine what had happened to Fatima*. It is hard to describe the silence that swallowed the voices of the spectators of her death. I think the artworks on Facebook which had returned her head, portraying it as an orchard of flowers, a moon or a sun, tried hard […]

The Conditionality of some Intellectuals

Although the author directs this article toward “elitist” and “recalcitrant” Arab intellectuals the Free Syrian Translators Team feel that the same criticism can be directed towards many international “experts” and “analysts” on the Arab region, for their lack of support of the Syrian Revolution and or “neutral” opinions. Ziad Majed Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Some […]

A Dialogue with Zakaria Tamer

By: Ziad Majed Posted on: June 5, 2012   “Before my departure from this world, I hope to sit in a Damascene cafe and swear at the top of my voice at all the Syrian officials without feeling intimidated or fearing arrest.” Born in Damascus in 1931, Zakaria Tamer lived in its traditional working class […]

The State of Barbarism

Ziad Majed Tuesday, May 29, 2012 In 1986, a year after his abduction and experiencing the barbarism he has discussed and analyzed in his writings on Syria, Michel Seurat died in the southern suburb of Beirut, the Lebanese capital which was devastated by civil war and the grip of the Syrian Intelligence services. Today, we […]

Like” for Freedom“

Ziad Majed Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Perhaps the best invention to come out of Facebook is the clicking on “like” to express admiration, appreciation, love, compassion, and acknowledgement or to show courtesy or all these combined. This small link, the “like”, can be used for a “page”, a person, a cause, a book or an […]

Syria: Autopsy of a Regime

Nadia Aissaoui and Ziad Majed 21 March 2012 More than a year has passed since the start of the Syrian revolution demanding freedom, dignity and the departure of the Assad family. Over ten thousand dead, a hundred thousand injured and more than 40 thousand refugees fled to Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordon as well as about […]