Here is Damascus هنا دمشق بكل اللغات ومن كل البقاع


From Free Syrian Translators’ land…here is Damascus

Today Facebook is buzzing with Syrians all over the world updating their status in solidarity with Damascus, the oldest capital in the world, the capital of the Ummayyad’s, which the criminal Bashar al-Assad thought he could isolate from the rest of the world by cutting of its internet and communication lines. Syrias all over the world all wanted to remind the world that Damascus lives in the heart of each and every one of us, in every capital, in every city, in every corner of the world. “This is Damascus”

Background to the post and Facebook campaign

In 1956 during the Tripartite Aggression, Suez War, Radio Damascus and Radio Cario used to open their programs with the famous phrases “this is Damascus” and “this is Cario”. During the war, one of the British and French air raids bombed Cairo’s radio base station north of Cario, damaging its main communication antennas just before president Jamal Abd al-Nasser was about to deliver his speech. However those who attempted to silence Cario’s voice were shocked when Radio Damascus immediately interupted its regular broadcast and declared “From Damascus … this is Cario”

Du territoire des traducteurs Syriens libres … Ici c’est Damas

Aujourd’hui, Facebook est en pleine effervescence avec les Syriens partout dans le monde et avec leurs “statut” en solidarité avec Damas, la plus ancienne capitale du monde, la capitale des Oummayades, dont le criminel Bachar al-Assad a pensé qu’il pouvait isoler du reste du monde en coupant l’internet et les lignes des communications. Les Syriens partout dans le monde ont voulu rappeler au monde que Damas vit dans le cœur de chacun et chacune d’entre eux, dans chaque capitale, dans chaque ville, dans chaque coin du monde. “C’est Damas”

Desde la tierra de los traductores sirios … Aqui ésta Damasco

Hoy el facebook ésta zumbido con todos los sirios alrededor del mundo poniendo sus -status- al dia en solidaridad con Damasco la capital mas antigua del mundo, capital de los Omeyas. a la que el criminal Bashar al_Assad penso que podria aislarla del resto del mundo cortando el internel y las linas de comunicacion .
Los sirios al rededor del mundo quisieron recordar al mundo que Damasco vive en el corazon de cada uno de ellos , en cada capital,ciudad ,y rincon del mundo. ESTA ES DAMASCO

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