Interview with Father Paolo Dall’oglio – مقابلة مع الراهب باولو دالوليو

Source: Al Arabiya News Channel
Broadcast on 21st June 2012
Anchorwoman (AW): Giselle Khoury
Guest (FP): Father Paola Dall’oglio

If you don’t mind, I’d like to end this interview,
…by wearing this vest that represents a project.
We want to serve the reconciliation.
These are olives branches,…
…and these are the colors of our country.
Those are our martyrs.
Reconciliation is our future, and we are committed to it.
There is no reconciliation without a mature democracy,…
…without freedom of opinion, and true humanity.
Syria is heading towards good, peace and reconciliation.
Peace be upon you!

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